Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Childrens bedroom ideas

You'll find kids bedroom ideas and resources along with DIY tips for decorating your kids' rooms. There are also several bedroom theme pages to help you decorate with a specific theme, including how to transition from one theme to the next.

Painting tips, window treatment ideas (even some of my own patterns), along with a huge resource of places to shop for your kid's bedding, furniture, and more kids bedrooms ideas for you to check out. Including discount and outlet shopping sources!
Whether you're planning a room for the new baby nursery, a girl's or boy's room, a room for a teen and even a dorm room, you'll find lots of kids bedrooms ideas to help you.
So, have you actually 'decorated' your kid's bedroom? Or do you keep putting it off because you just don't know where to start? Maybe you decorated your child's room, and got it done just in time to do it all over again because he outgrew the theme!

Decorating your child's bedroom every two or three years can get to be expensive and time consuming. With a little planning ahead and some simple kid's bedroom decor tips, you can save money and time whether you are a do-it-yourself person or not. Even if you choose to use a decorator or designer to decorate your child's room, you can save by asking them to follow a few simple guidelines.
  • Window treatments don't really get a lot of wear and tear. So you could spend a little more here when decorating a child's bedroom and get the best quality you can afford. Just keep in mind that you should choose a treatment that is solid, plaid, stripe or some other neutral pattern so when you update the bedroom, you can work with these.
  • The same might be said for bed skirts, but I've often seen them hanging down because the mattress scoots around, and then they get stepped on and torn. So use your own judgment here for your kid's bed. You might consider having the bedskirt a little shorter than the norm so it's about an inch or inch and a half off the floor. It could be attached to the box springs or side rails with Velcro or snaps, or attached to a fitted sheet that slips over the box springs so it stays in place better.
  • Using NON-theme specific wall treatments (paint, faux finishes, wallpaper) and bedding will allow your child to add their own special touches such as posters, pillows, their own artwork and other accents that ARE in their theme of choice. . . . . . And as fast as they change their minds and themes change and fads move on, this will be a very important point when you are considering various kids bedrooms ideas to use.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Guthrie House

Guthrie House, modern house design, interior designIt was explicitly requested to build a house for sale, therefore, massively attractive, which “façade” the target public could quickly be absorbed with.
Notwithstanding, the project location raises as a natural belvedere toward the valley of Chicureo, a zone peripheral to the city of Santiago of growing real estate development and considerably mediocre quality, where the condominium of serialization houses finally owns large green areas. It deals with new neighbourhoods with architectonic imports of every type, where “style” seems to be the worthiest slogan of the offer.

Guthrie House, modern house design, interior designOur proposal was a house without façade, a building to be developed from the street level downwards, rescuing that initial condition of natural “belvedere” over the valley the site proposed. The Guthrie house, therefore, is not just the answer to a housing issue over a medium gradient site, but a critical reflection to the real estate system which final target is to sell “attractive” and at a “good price” houses , built by “goodwill architects”.

Guthrie House, modern house design, interior design
Guthrie House, modern house design, interior design