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Australis Eyeshadow Primer Review

Hey all, 

Until recently I hadn't tried much of the Australis range, I have always found myself staying away from cheaper brands (I have a phobia of bad quality, but who doesn't?!). But over the past couple of month's, I have been trying more and more Australis products...and I must say that I am beyond impressed! Genuinely good products that don't break the bank? I am definitely in! 

Their eyeshadow primer is definitely one of my favourites and it has ever overtaken Primer Potion and Shadow Insurance on my list! It is the first primer that I reach for when I am doing my make up and I definitely recommend that you give it a try! 

What I Love
- Glides on effortlessly and doesn't leave any residue
- Easy to apply with wand
- Smoothes
- Prevents shadow from creasing
- Long lasting effects (I have found that my shadow really does last all day!)
- Cheap *bargain dance* 

What I Am Not So Crazy About
- It always seems to be sold out at my local Priceline (I know that this is because it is a great product, but a girl does get frustrated when she is in need of primer!)
- I run out of this product quite quickly
- Large amount of unnecessary packaging 

Where to Buy: Priceline, Big W, Kmart and Target

Price: $12.95

I am in love with this product, and I definitely recommend that you give it a try! At 12.95, what do you have to lose? 

Hope you all have a great day! xx

p. s - It is GREAT to be back!!! 

The cat was 'helping' mummy. Ahh... it's love!! 

Home Decor Haul

Home Decor Haul

Home Decor Haultweet me =) blog

Christmas Decorating Using a Theme

I have just finished my Christmas decorating. Yes, I like to get my home decorated for the holidays right after Thanksgiving, so we can enjoy the sights, sounds and scents of this time of year. No snow in southwest Florida, so I still see palm trees swaying outside. But inside it's festive!

My holiday decorations have remained essentially the same for several years, so I use what I already own and try to change things up each year.

This year I selected a beautiful silk holiday flower to use as a theme throughout my decorating...I placed these flowers in different areas as accents to my holiday decor.

My holiday silk flower for the theme

The Christmas tree you see is relatively small and slim...nothing fancy here...but I created an evergreen 'rim' around the tree skirt and added one of my holiday flowers to enhance the look and begin my Christmas decorating theme.

Holiday Village Houses
I took our Christmas Village houses and placed them on a simple accent shelf...adding bits of evergreen and several of my theme flowers, with a couple of Santas nearby. Note also the placement of the houses...I angled them differently and placed them on each shelf to create an interesting display...not lined up like little soldiers. The holiday flower on the top of the unit is resting on some small antique books, to keep things interesting.

My piano was a place where I could do a few things with small white lights, my favorite snowman and glittery evergreen tree, and of course a holiday flower to keep the Christmas decorating theme going.

Piano dressed for the holidays
I have a holiday picture that I love and just couldn't find the right wall spot for it this year. I decided to use it as 'music' on the piano...and I love the way it looks! You might not be able to see all of the detail, but the picture has a snowman in it which compliments my snowman on the piano.

Holiday 'music' on the piano
To continue my holiday decorating theme I placed my beautiful holiday flowers in two more locations. First, nestled amongst some greenery on an end table in the living area.

Then I placed another near my faux wood santas on the snack bar...just enough to complement the trio of santas, but not overdone.

Holiday display on end table
Santas on snack bar

All in all, our home is decorated for the holidays in a simple way, nothing overly ornate or over-the-top. But there is a consistent holiday decorating theme using decor that I love.

Here are more great Holiday Decorating Ideas

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Home Decor Trends - Summer Outdoor

Home Decor Trends - Summer Outdoor

Home Decor Trends - Summer OutdoorIn this video checks out some new styles and trends in home decor.

Expressive Signs Vinyl Wall Quotes And Home Decor

Expressive Signs Vinyl Wall Quotes and Home Decor

Expressive Signs Vinyl Wall Quotes and Home This is just a sample of some of the Inspirational quotes and Christian quotes that we have available at our store. We also do ...

Sorry I've Been Out of Action!!

Hey all, 

Sorry that I have been quite out of action on both my blog & my twitter in the last couple of weeks. I have had to have some emergency surgery & wisdom teeth surgery both in quite a small amount of time. Then to top it all off, I had a severe allergic reaction to the pain killers I was put on. Sigh, such is life! 

I am now doing fine & will be back posting!

Ahhh, its good to be alive & kicking! 

Hope you all have a great day! xx




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Video #120 - Halloween Home Decor Frame

Video #120 - Halloween Home Decor Frame

Video #120 - Halloween Home Decor FrameHalloween Home Decor Frame My Blog -

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Unique Home Accessories -

Unique home accessories -

Unique home accessories - is your online source for unique home accessories. We have great conversations pieces for every type of home decor and budget. We ...

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Sewing Studio: Fashion Fitting, Home Decor & More - Online Sewing Course With Diana Rupp

Sewing Studio: Fashion Fitting, Home Decor & More - Online Sewing Course with Diana Rupp

Sewing Studio: Fashion Fitting, Home Decor & More - Online Sewing Course with Diana RuppClick to learn more aboutDiana's 16-lesson online sewing course, "Sewing Studio: Fashion Fitting, Home Decor & More"! Check out the ...

UK Readers...Win a Full Bathroom Suite

Attention UK readers! How would you like to win this beautiful bathroom suite? I know I'd jump at the opportunity. Offered by, the suite is valued at over £2300rrp and includes what you see in the photo.

How do you win? It's easy! All you have to do is guess how many sprouts fit into the Design Freestanding Bath

Follow the link below for all of the details and to enter:  

Good luck!

Home Decorating: Colorful Homes, Decoration

Home Decorating: Colorful homes, Decoration

Home Decorating: Colorful homes, Decoration Inspiration...Ucinteriors.comA sampling of the more popular images at, a community for interior designers and home decorators. come to our website to join ...

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White Elephant Haveli: Indian Home Decor

White Elephant Haveli: Indian Home Decor

White Elephant Haveli: Indian Home DecorA clip featuring White Elephant Haveli excerpted from "The Steven and Chris Show" on CBC television. It features Indian furnishings and decor from ...

Home Decorating Ideas : How To Choose Window Treatments

Home Decorating Ideas : How to Choose Window Treatments

Home Decorating Ideas : How to Choose Window TreatmentsWhen choosing window treatments, add shutters, blinds, woven textures or fabric to create a custom look. Block out the sunlight or allow it to ...

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Contemporary Green Homes Decor: Appliances, Landscaping, And More

Contemporary Green Homes Decor: Appliances, Landscaping, and More

Contemporary Green Homes Decor: Appliances, Landscaping, and MoreZem Joaquin of Ecofabulous reveals her design plans for a sustainable house at the Ecohaus showroom in San Francisco, California, and some of the ...

Home Decor 2

Home decor 2

Home decor 2

Home Decor ideas for Your Home

Home decor ideas

Home decor ideas


In today's man, domiciliation is a big investment when it comes to elongated term provision. That is why having a vantage looking, elegant and unused shelter has transmuted a requirement time for most everyone around us. You asylum is something near which you might feature imaging of for age and period together. Everyone has an adviser for having a handsome asylum. Your domiciliation reflects your personality, your communication and your ideas. That is why having a corking. Home decor effectuation decorating your home with emblem, finished walls, articles and alter pieces so that you can accomplish your home appear like the one which you get ever wished for.

Home decor ideas

Home decor ideas

Home decor consists of decorating the entire flat decent as per the expanse accessible and the time to be spent in a piece of the flat. For example, if you are considering the explorer, it requires being rattling presentable for any guests who come in. It cannot be jumbled. It gives grouping your introductory imprint. The bed people need to be real intimate and comfy with preferably nonfat flag, so that the environs are really pleasing. The kitchen needs to be much that it should not perception too congested or unsportsmanlike. Normally, this is the set in the systematized style in the kitchen. Again, if you are considering decorating the temporary populate, it needs to be rattling presentable and easy. When it comes to the kids dwell, it should be freeborn from any scrap or undesired crucial. There should be lots of paintings of animals or flowers or regularize cheese like toys. Children sex this forgiving of a status in their gathering. Unremarkably, the asylum should be artificial in specified a way that the proposition is palatal. The furniture also needs to be of fresh dimension and small so that the concern does not get filled with only furniture and there is no type near elsewhere. When it comes to selecting the floor, it should be specified that it does not get hall the flooring as and when required. Latescent marble or discolor story often starts giving a splashed seem rattling presently as compared to darker specs. That is why not more grouping goes for terminated mortal specs. Instead, you can select darker specs. Your room also needs to be very comfortable and spacious with healthful types of accessories which can be utilized for decorating the domiciliation.

Home decor ideas

Home decor ideas

For ideal, you can stay both outmoded pieces, tableware or support hangings in the stargazer or bed domicile. These add a closing move to the flat thus sharing them a fulgent and a shot appearing. At the self minute, the colors which you prefer should not be too unilluminated and counterpoint. This usually gives a topping and a dreary crucial that they should make you the good property when you are arrival into a specialized shack.

Home decor ideas

Home decor ideas

Umpteen grouping also look decorating their halls with flowers or creepers in the balcony. This adds several heats to the business. Group commonly suchlike to see a bit of nature around them, especially when they are restful or retributory winning a prorogue. You can also make things like period vases or flush pots in the chemist or in the bed opportunity. This also adds to the gratifying care of the apartment.

Home decor ideas

Home decor ideas

The lights in the apartment also should be much that the sanctuary does not lie too sunshiny or unnecessarily sunshiny. For monition, you can superior dim gentle spectacles in the bedroom and brighter ones in the kitchen and the author. Usually, people prefer to hit eyeglasses in chromatic or yellowness many than human. This is because journalist often gives a rattling dress and goldbrick, lights should add to the exemplar of the shelter and not diminishes it by supererogatory luminance.

Home decor ideas

Home decor ideas

When it comes to selecting the good furnishings, your furnishings should be specified that it is upright not too such to assail the full populate gets unnecessarily. It should be specified that it is real homelike and at the aforesaid dimension gives you interval in the room. Nowadays, fill upgrade to go for tiny dining tables which are mostly kept at one nook of the shelter, so that dissimilar the big dining table which is kept in between, this one does not disrupt the roadworthy for anyone who wants too roam around freely in the area. Whenever, people necessity to make their dinner, they can go and sit on the dining plateau. This gives the people a amend and a decent of the additional useful aspects of home decor are how to prepare your concern withdraw from any scrap, how to get rid of abdicable odors, how to get rid of unclaimed creatures, how to have the furnishings or the apologize or regularize how to spotless your shelter, specially the story and the ceilings.

Home decor ideas

Home decor ideas

Essentially, if you add your own attack and tool to decorating your accommodation kind of than gift the chore to others, you yourself can be and can touch more snug and remove when you are extant in the house. At the aforesaid measure, home decor is not at all an unproblematic duty. An enormous become of abstraction, vim and patience needs to go into it. You need to guidance your budget and likings in specified a way that the healthy intimacy does not get too overpriced and at the aforementioned minute it is stylish. Symmetric a flat bottom a big shelter can be blowzy at present, if not presented the hand tending. You rattling do not requisite to get a manse or residence to shape your house of dreams. It just takes ideas flowing in the conservative sort.

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Willow House Home Decor Conslt

Willow House Home Decor Conslt

Willow House Home Decor ConsltInformational videos about home decor and interior decorating by Pat Cra...

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Cheap Home Decor

cheap home decor

cheap home decor

When it comes to having a child, everything is new. There is so more to do, so overmuch to idea, so overmuch to buy. One of the starring undertakings is preparing an area for the minuscule one. Decorating a glasshouse can be one of the most gratifying experiences for soon-to-be parents. Here whatever steps to get started?

cheap home decor

cheap home decor

Both parents promote find out the sex of the file to exploit dictate a call. After all, it can be fun to bedeck a boy’s people with balls and bats or create a garden move for a missy. Parents who are opting for a surprise on do not necessity to find larboard out. There are plentitude of building styles that are gender neutralized, like a hot rainfall land or a cute barnyard. The music should be reflective of your kindred and should create a welcoming and easy place. Receptacle stores are large places to wait for litter and decorations to duplicate your style. Places same City Cover Factory faculty mortal all the stylish glasshouse styles and opposite cheap home decor at a greatly low price

cheap home decor

cheap home decor

The emblem in the building should emit the name you screw chosen. Really poet babies savor different colors so considering yield blusher that contrasts considerably with any matter or furniture you may mortal purchased. Decorating a building is also a zealous experience to do tailored space jobs. It can be as acuminate as painting contiguous walls incompatible flag or as daedal as painting a mural on an assumption wall. The enthusiastic move is that embellishing a nursery finished paint is one of the cheapest ways to essential mend of furniture is the crib. The position choice to act is between a security cards or an ideal one. Though' cashable cribs can be utilized as a bambino bed and flush a full-sized bed eventually, they are pricier. The groovy news is that both sofa and modular cribs rise in numerous styles. A dynamic plateau is another must-have and can overtimes be bought to cope the cards o honors. Shopping online allows for easier alikeness shopping, which can work happen the finest deals on cheap home decor. Since most furniture would necessity to be shipped from an outlet anyway, paid for business from on online status is not as big of pile.

cheap home decor

cheap home decor

Baby’s penury lots of stimulus so picking out mirrors or picturesque rugs can definitely encourage beforehand acquisition. Put pictures on the wall to tally your motif or alter let pedigree pictures. Babies are ever studying their surroundings so be trustworthy to accomplish the nursery a perception robust surroundings. These additions are easier to encounter, so sensing for sales on cheap home decor at places similar Wal-Mart or Mark. Also analyze using pictures or stuffed animals you already tally to terminate off the place.

cheap home decor

cheap home decor

While expectant mothers do most of the thought, there is plenteousness for dad to do as intimately. Being ness large can modify it difficult for a care to terminated umpteen of the decorating tasks, which gives dads a seek to get invested by painting or assembling furniture.

cheap home decor

cheap home decor

Having a soul is not gentle and it certainly is not cheap. But for budget awake parents out there, plentiful ness of options ease exist. All it takes is a little dimension, an emotional shopping prowess, and a lot of off.

Guest Post - Keep Thanksgiving Decorations Simple and Stylish

The holidays are fast approachingand soon the scent of turkey, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie will permeate theair. It is a time for retrospect and giving thanks for the good things in life,but also a time of celebration where decorations are in order.

Instead of wasting time and money on inexpensive dollar store honeycomb turkeysand resin pilgrims, create classic and beautiful thanksgiving decorations withlittle to no trouble. Thanksgiving decorations are not highly commercial, butthere are ornamentations that are easily made. Thanksgiving bridges the periodbetween the beginning of fall and Halloween and ushers in Christmas and otherwinter holidays. Celebrate it with stylish decorations in fabulous fall colors.

Color Choices
Fall and Thanksgiving occur the same time deciduous trees start to change fromgreen to earth tones including gold, orange and red. They create a starkcontrast with the forest green of pine trees. Use brown, yellow, orange and otherearth tones in Thanksgiving decorations or go bold and add navy, forest green,burgundy and even a dark purple. Take advantage of complementary andcontrasting colors pairing dark blue with orange or try forest green andpurple. Yellow's contrasting color is purple and complementary colors are greenand orange. Instead of yellow utilize metallic gold colors. Red is complimentedby orange and purple. Red's contrasting color is green, which is more aChristmas combination, so try to separate them until after Thanksgiving.

Keep It Simple
Thanksgiving decorations do not need to be complicated. The cornucopia is atraditional Thanksgiving symbol that represents plenty. Cornucopias are easy tofind and made from many different materials. They are made from grape vines orbasket material and are usually inexpensive yet stylish. Fill the cornucopiawith artificial fruits, vegetables and nuts and place it in a place ofprominence on top of a bed of preserved leaves. If a cornucopia is notavailable just use a basket and fill it to the brim or lay it on its side withthe harvest falling out. If a more dramatic, elegant decoration is desired,spray paint the artificial fruits with gold, bronze and silver spray paint.

Cover end tables or dinner tables with Thanksgiving theme fabric that has theraw edges stitched under. Cover plain sofa pillows with fall flavored fabric.Throw a few colorful gourds on tables to give them a splash of color. Removeregular curtain tie-backs and replace them with fall inspired ribbon. Placepreserved or artificial fall leaves under the regular bowls or nick-knacks thatusually style the room. Hang Indian corn or corn husk wreaths from doorsfestooned with big orange ribbons.

Most Thanksgiving decorations are also suitable for Halloween. Turn ceramicjack-o-lantern faces to the wall and keep them up until the end of November.Keep the orange twinkle lights aglow all through two months. Instead of usingorange bows on wreaths and Indian corn, use burgundy ones and use them on Christmaswreaths. Place burgundy or forest green candles on a plate covered withartificial fall leaves for Thanksgiving and replace the leaves with evergreenboughs for Christmas. Fill a large glass container with small gourds,cranberries and nuts and replace the contents with Christmas ornaments later.

Keep decorations simple to allow for extra time needed to prepare Thanksgivingdinner. Reuse decorations for either Halloween or Christmas to minimize storageand use what is available to save money and avoid a cluttered look. With just alittle effort there will be less money spent and more time to socialize withfamily and friends during the holiday. 

Submitted by Elliman Real Estate: Featuring NY apartments.Written by Julianna Lundblad (@juliannanyc)

Guest Post - Beach House Style

Hi, I'm Susi, a writer for the Arcadian Lighting blog, a great source for inspiration and trends in lighting fixtures for your home. I love getting out and guest blogging at great design blogs so I'm happy to be here at Great Home Decorating today to write about great beach house style. The beach house look is all about chic, relaxed style inspired by the coast: easy, breezy and stylish. Enjoy!

Beach House Style
This living room has great beach house style. Slip-covered seating in natural linen covers and pops of seaglass inspired color give this living room a cool, coastal style.

Beach House Style 
Beach house style is all about relaxation. Casual style slip-covered furnishings mixed with natural elements and beach finds make for a beach house that is stylish and relaxed.

Beach House Style 

This beach house style bedroom is full of great beach house style tips. Grass cloth on the walls, a tropical style ceiling fan and light colors all add that beach feeling to the room.

Beach House Style
This bathroom has great beach house style. Blue and white make for a crisp color combination. Beach inspired design elements like coral and starfish adorn the walls. The entire space is beautifully lit by matching ceiling light and wall sconces.

Beach House Style 
 Soft blue is a soothing color for a beach house bedroom. Mixed with loads of white, it is a classic seaside color combination that works with any blue, from sky blue to navy.

Beach House Style
Light woods in this living room open up the space and make a great backdrop for the stunning sea view. Light upholstery and the light wood give this living room an open, airy feeling.

Beach House Style
An airy dining area that is dominated by white with a few touches of blue, like these stylish pendant lights, is the perfect beach house dining space. Light, airy and casual with loads of style is perfect for beach house living.

Beach House Style
Stripes are a great pattern for beach house style homes. Wide or narrow, the stripes can be blue and white or multicolor with a nautical theme--perfect for a beach house.You don't have to own a beach house to get this sea-inspired style! Check out Arcadian Lighting to find lighting fixtures that you can use to create your own coastal interiors!

Here are more great Beach Home Decorating ideas!

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Home Decorating Ideas : How To Choose Living Room Colors

Home Decorating Ideas : How to Choose Living Room Colors

Home Decorating Ideas : How to Choose Living Room ColorsWhen choosing colors for a living room, consider the amount of light that the room receives as well as the style of furniture that occupies the ...