Monday, October 31, 2011

Soiree Happy Snaps - OOTN + FOTN

Hey all, 

I headed to a soiree the other night & figured I would put up some pics as I got pretty glammed up! I had such an amazing time with my friends, and the man of course! 

Anyway, there isn't much else to say. I hope you all enjoy this little peek into my life!  

Oh, it was at Cloudland in Brisbane for those interested :) 

I look like an absolute nut in this picture, but I wanted to show you all my pretty bracelets! 
Bardot Dress/ Wittner Black Heels (not seen)/ Lovisa Flower Ring/ Adorne Bracelets & Earrings/ Pandora Silver Rings/ Vintage Clutch

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Wheat/ Bobbi Brown Corrector in Bisque/ MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer NC42/ MAC Pinch Me Blush/ NYX Gunmetal (and two other shadows, sorry I can't remember!)/ Maybelline Line Stiletto Liquid Liner/ Diorshow Mascara/ e.l.f Shimmering Facial Whip in Golden Peach/ MAC Lady Danger <3 

Thanks to my wonderful ladies who agreed to be on my blog!

Hope you all have a great day! xx 

Bathroom for Disable and How to Decorate It

For many disabled people, especially those confined to wheelchairs, the every day actions able-bodied people take can be a real hardship. Especially difficult is using the bathroom, whether it is using the toilet, showering or having a bath.

Clever, innovative bathroom design can, however, make a disabled person's life much, much easier. There are many clever bath and shower solutions on the market for the disabled, some of which we will discuss here, but it is the actual layout and design of the bathroom that will ultimately make the most of those solutions.

First, let's look at the solutions for the toilet. In many cases, a solid bar fixed to the wall or floor next to the toilet is sufficient for most disabled people. It is only placement that needs to be considered. However, other options include comfortable height toilets and portable toilets.

For bathing, there walk in baths, low sided baths and bath chairs, while for showering there are in-shower chairs, low door level showers for easy wheelchair access and large size controls for the visually impaired. Low level or high level sinks and shelving unites are other options.

Once you have identified the needs of a particular person, it's relatively easy to choose the fittings you need. The trickier bit is fitting them into the space you have available at home in the bathroom.

This is where a good bathroom designer is required, ideally using bathroom design software. Why? Because this will save you both time and money. Bathroom planner software can be used to recreate the dimensions of your bathroom in 3D, then place, again in 3D, the fittings you have chosen.

Working with you or the disabled person in your care, the designer will utilise this 3D CAD software to draw out the room, position the fittings and ensure there is sufficient space for moving around and actually using those fittings.

In addition, the software can help even with the decor. The designer will be able to change the colour of the walls, choose a suitable floor covering, window blinds or curtains, even place mirrors and / or pictures on the walls.

You will be able to visualise exactly how the finished bathroom will look and, more importantly, function. Once you're happy with the final design it can be passed to the bathroom fitters to work to before they have even started, ensuring there are no costly mistakes made or expensive adjustments required once the bathroom is complete.

The result of this is a much more pleasant experience for the disabled person, perhaps even a freer, more independent life, a beautiful, useful bathroom and a reduction in overall potential costs!

Disabled people should enjoy the same comforts that able-bodied people enjoy, and with a bit of careful planning, the aid of technology and the continued innovation in making everyday products and tools usable by the disabled, they can do just that.

When you are next looking at making your bathroom (or kitchen, bedroom - any room in the house) more suitable for disabled use, make sure you take advantage of every available tool to do so.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Two Cents On The Importance of Sun Protection This Summer!

Hey all, 

I'm usually not one to nag, but I don't see this as nagging! I see it more as...enforcing education upon ;) 

As most of you who live in Australia (and those of you who don't) would know, the sun is a damn dangerous thing. In a nutshell, it burns up your skin, and turns what was once a bunch of happy little skin cells into cancerous lil monsters. Sun protection is absolutely vital in Australia and around the world! It doesn't only help prevent skin cancer, but also prevents: premature ageing, sun spots (brown spots) and other general sun damage. 

Despite common beliefs, no one is immune to the damage caused by the sun - even if you have dark skin to begin with! I have a med-dark (NC40/42) complexion, and I am young - but guess what? In the last year I have had 2 cancerous spots removed from my right leg. My oh my!

Approx 2 in 3 Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer before age 70 & till this day, prevention remains the best way to save lives! 

The Lowdown
- If you think 'it won't happen to you', it quite possibly could.  
- Over-exposure to the sun can cause a variety of skin cancers, premature ageing & brown spots
- Try using products with a minimum SPF 30+ UVB & UVA broad spectrum protection on both your body and your face.
- Always reapply sunscreen! 
- Avoid excessive sun exposure 
- DO NOT use tanning beds/solariums 

Okay, now for the fun stuff! 

Favourite Sun Protection Products 

L'Oreal UV Perfect Daily Moisturising Lotion SPF 30+ 

Nivea Sun Moisturising Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30+

Blistex SPF20 Lip Conditioner 

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation SPF 20 

My Gorgeous Orange Floppy Hat

Did Anyone Say Kaftan?! 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Exotic Beauties of the Flowering World

How could anyone not love orchids? I can't resist them. A look at them, and my heart melts. I'm not surprised that the orchid plant is often referred to as the "Queen of the realm of plants". It really looks regal to me, I must say, and the flowers are definitely queenly, demanding our utmost respect. Some orchids are princess-like, needing to be coddled and given the attention that princesses require! 

Orchids are...


and delicate.

Orchids symbolize ...





rare beauty








and splendour.

From what I have read pertaining to the meaning and symbolism attached to orchids, the person who gives a gift of orchids is expressing not only his love, but also his respect for the girl of his dreams. His choice of orchids also speaks of his admiration and he is paying the recipient the highest form of compliment, I feel, when he buys her orchids. Orchids are also universally recognized as the perfect conveyor of the message of love and thoughtfulness. 


If you want to see more orchids like the ones above, click here, and you'll be transported to the garden where all these blooms were photographed.

Nature's Messenger of Love

give her your heart
express your sincere regard 
orchids speak of love

cattleya's thoughtful charm
will bring her to your arms
to reciprocate your love

send her purple orchids galore
this says her rare beauty you adore
that's how you captivate your love

shower her with orchids exotic
bewitch her with its delicate mystique
then you'll be worthy of her love

(For Thursday Poets Rally and Poetry Picnic)

sponge in the wonder
thank nature for she creates
orchids in the breeze

(For Haiku Heights and Haiku My Heart)

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My Skin's Lifesavers: October

Hey all,

This month, out of absolutely nowhere, my skin decided that it hated me and caused all sorts of trouble. I've generally had great skin my entire life, so it came at a bit of a shock and left me extremely frustrated and annoyed. Thankfully it has now settled down, leaving me with the opportunity to see the bright side of all this trouble! 

I tried out a lot (and I mean a lot!) of skin care items while hunting for something to get my skin back under control, and have found some goodies that I absolutely adore! (And others that I don't, but there is no need to mention those!). 

So, I thought I would blog about what my skin is soaking up this month!

My Skin's Lifesavers this October  

Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit - Price: 

I have never really been much of a fan of Neutrogena, but I was in Priceline on a bad skin day and was starting to get desperate! I can't use Clean n Clear or Clearasil because my skin just can't handle them, and because of that I am always a bit wary of things that are anti-blemishes etc. I saw this cleanser right at the top of the Neutrogena display, and thought why not? It was only $14 it wasn't going to kill me to try it! I am so glad that I did!

 I started noticing a difference in my skin quite quickly, and after 3 days my skin was visibly clearer, softer and smoother. It didn't dry out my skin too much when used with a good moisturiser, and I didn't develop any irritation - which is great! It also smells great! I am going to definitely keep using this cleanser for a while. 

Yes to Carrots Gentle Exfoliator - Price: 
Yay for natural products that work! As most of you who prefer things natural would know, sometimes, plants just can't cut it - this works a treat though! 

Yes to Tomatoes Daily Balancing Moisturiser - Price:
Keeps the oil at bay, and helps get rid of those pesky blemishes!

Neutrogena Rapid Clear 2in1 Fight & Fade Gel - Price: $13.99
Zaps blemishes at their source! Clearer skin in 8 hrs (really!) 

Simplicite Exfoliating Face Treatment - Price: $41.40

I have been using this as a 'rub-off' mask 1-3 times a week, and I really see an improvement in my skin after using it. My skin appears brighter and feels smoother. You can buy Simplicite online, or at Myer.

Hope you all have a great day! xx

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

OOTD 24/10 - Just a Lil Shopping Trip

Hey all, 

Sorry I've been a bit behind on post's and all that, my life is assessment/assignment heavy atm and I am just trying to get through it all as best as I can! But, I figured that I would at least put a lil something up and took some ootd pictures yesterday! I wasn't doing anything special, just headed into the city to do a bit of shopping and have lunch with mum. 

Anyway, enjoy! And I promise more makeup related post's soon! I have been shopping a bit lately, so I have a lot to review! 

OOTD 24/10 - Shopping! (My fave past time of course!) 

Clothes & Accessories 
Dress from Latin Clothing Company/ London Rebel Wedges/ Sportsgirl Bag & Sunglasses/ Lovisa Necklace/ Pandora Bracelets, Charms & Rings 

What's On My Face
MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC42/ MAC Studio Careblend Pressed Powder Medium Dark/ MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer NC42/ MAC Blush in Gingerly/ NYX Eyeshadows in Tropical, Yellow & Lime Green/ Maybelline Khol Express Liner in Glam Black/ Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion Mascara/ Lucas PawPaw Ointment
(Gosh I was wearing a lot of MAC!) 

Hope you all have a great day! xx

Monday, October 24, 2011

Kids Bedroom Decorating Idea

As your children start to form their own personalities, it is perfectly natural for them to want a say in how their rooms will be decorated. Like so many things, when they were babies and toddlers, you decided everything from what they ate to what they wore to how their rooms should be designed. Encouraging them to have their own personalities and to express them, now that they are older, you can involve them in the makeover of their bedroom.

The Dos and Don'ts of Turning the Makeover into a Joint Project
Much as your son might want start the project with murals of his favorite movie or video game character, you know that one day he will grow out of this phase. Conversely, your daughter may want to see her walls adorned with a life size Ariel and Ursula but you being the wise parent that you are, you know that it won't be long before she has matured and want them replaced with the minimalist look.

When these discussions arise, the best way is to talk with them, but don't reason with them. By 9 and 10 kids can be reasoned with. At 6 and 7, this is quite a challenge. Instead, encourage them to use paint colors to express their personalities. If your daughter likes pinks, purples and lavenders, let her have all three.

By all means involve your kids in the decorating process. Remember, you may not want to live with some of their ideas, but to a certain extent because you want to encourage them to express themselves, you will both have to compromise. If you "get your way" more than your child, he or she won't want to spend much time in their bedroom, which defeats the purpose of giving them their own space.

There will always be areas of compromise with this project. Once you've painted the walls, he may want to live in a dark room with no light or she may want a spotlight for times when she and her friends are practicing to audition to be future American Idol contestants. Lighting is crucial and while living in the catacombs is not an option, maybe a small spotlight is.

Lastly, not everything your child wants to express him or herself has to come from a store. Encourage them to make things to proudly display on the walls or to place on furniture. This not only encourages their self-esteem, but you may just have a budding artist that neither of you knew existed.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Inspired Nails + Tutorial

Hey all, 

With national pink ribbon day being tomorrow, I thought I would do something special with my nails to show my support. Breast cancer awareness is something that I hold especially close to my heart, as many women in my family - including my gorgeous mother, have been affected by breast cancer in the past. 

As I am no where near talented enough to paint a pink ribbon on my nails, I thought that I would just go with some plain ol' pink instead! I painted them a bright, candy pink with hot pink glittery tips!

Overall, I am quite happy with the way they turned out! 

What I Used
- OPI Base & Top Coat 
- French Manicure Tip Guides 
- B Collection by Bloom in Venezuela 
- LA Splash in Sparkling Rose 

How I Did It
- Painted my nails with my OPI base coat and let dry.
- Painted the entire nail with two coats of B Collection by Bloom in Venezuela, and let dry completely.
- Applied french manicure tip guides to all my nails.
- Painted two coats of LA Splash in Sparkling Rose on the tips.
- Removed french manicure tip guides before the polish dried.
- When nails were completely dry, applied top coat. 

I hope that you all enjoyed this look, and found my steps somewhat helpful! If you didn't want to do this look in pink, any other colours would work as well! 

Support those affected by breast cancer: wear pink, buy a ribbon or donate (if possible). You can get more information about this important cause at

Hope you all have a great day! xx

Friday, October 21, 2011

How to Choose Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom is your sanctuary where you can relax, be yourself and do whatever it is that you wanted to do. For these reasons, it must have furniture that can help you achieve the comfort that you need especially during the night. Your bedroom must provide you a soothing ambiance that is essential in order to calm down your senses. It must have furniture that can likewise offer you the same convenience that you need.

Everybody wants to have a rest after a busy day in the office. It is a choice between spending some time in the living room to watch a TV program or go directly to your bedroom and lay on your bed. If you select the second option, your bed must provide you the comfort that you need to soothe your aching back.

What I am trying to say is that your choice of bedroom furniture plays an important role in loosening up as well as contributing to the serenity of your room. It is, of course, necessary to consider aesthetics; however, everything must blend well.

You have various selections to choose from when buying bedroom furniture.

First, you need to know what furniture is needed in your room. The central figure in the bedroom is your bed. Nevertheless, you should not ignore the other fitment that also contributes on obtaining warmth, comfort and serenity in the room. This includes the nightstand, wardrobe, chest and the mirror.

You can opt to have the normal style of bed, the platform beds, headboard beds or the four-poster beds from the variety of bed styles and designs. This will depend on your preference and if you are sharing the bedroom with someone like your spouse or a friend.

The nightstand must have some drawers where you can put some of your stuff to have order in the room.

Your wardrobe must likewise be able to accommodate your clothes, shoes and other accessories. The new modern designs of wardrobe have compartments and shelves. Make sure, however, that you can put your clothes in an orderly manner so they will not look like a mess inside.

A chest of drawers is integral so you can have more storage for your other personal belongings and stuff. It would be nice if you can get a chest with a mirror, which will be helpful when putting on make-up. If you do not, you can have a mirror installed at the back of the door of your wardrobe.

Next, examine the materials of the bedroom furniture before finally making a decision. If you want wooden furniture, you can select between hardwood and softwood. Hardwood is known for its strength and good finish. Its wood grains are striking and are elegant and chic. Those made of mahogany are expensive because of its rich patina. Softwood is also tough but lacks the good finish of hardwood.

Finally, keep your bedroom clutter-free. Modern beds are equipped with drawers where you can keep your linens, pillowcases and curtains to help you maintain order in the room.

You can also have a small desk if you prefer to work inside your bedroom. Ensure though that you have a desk lamp and get a chair that has a shelf under it for storage.

Clean your bedroom on a regular basis. Avoid putting too many ornaments; just keep the essential ones in your bedroom.

Designing your bedroom does not only involve choosing the proper furniture. It must also include the wall color, decorations and curtains. Balance is important; therefore, coordinate the colors of your furniture and furnishings.

Well, Hello Summer!

Hey all, 

Summer is fast approaching!

For those of you who don't know me, I am a massive summer fan. I am at my prime in the heat, and in the sun. I do not enjoy the cold at all, and can't function in it - so I am so happy the colder months are behind us now! 

The other thing I absolutely adore about summer is the beach! Living in Australia, we have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and I finally get to start enjoying them again! I can also whip out all the new bikini's (6 to be exact) that I purchased whilst eagerly awaiting summer. 

It's definitely bikini weather, and I am getting damn excited! 

Also, in the spirit of summer and sun safety of course, I will be writing a post on my favourite sun protection products soon! 

Disclosure: I do not look as good as those gorgeous ladies in a bikini, at all! Victoria Secrets models put us all to shame! 

Hope you all have a great day! xx

Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to Get More Space Out of Your Bathroom

After a full-day in this modern world of hustle and bustle, more and more people are finding bathrooms to be the best place to relax, de-stress, and even luxuriate. This is among the main reasons why the number of homeowners who decide to undertake a bathroom remodeling project continues to increase. Other than enhancing the quality of living, this type of home improvement helps sell a home faster in the future and can be a good investment.

Unless you live in a custom-built home, a common challenge with such renovation is space, especially for those living in big cities like New York. This article discusses how to get more space out of bathrooms without needing to add square footage.

Showers and Tubs
Deciding to have a shower or a tub is a big decision when bathroom remodeling. Depending on preferences, it can either be of the two or both with the one piece tub shower units now available in the market. But if you choose to have just the tub, it would be best to shop for a one that is smaller in size but deeper. A shower on the other hand is the best choice if your aim is to save space, taking up only half of the space that a tub occupies. To create an airy look to the shower stall, you can choose to take down the partial shower wall and go for sliding glass doors instead of the usual hinged doors that take up much space when opened.

Maximize Light
Lighting is an essential element that should be maximized when working on small bathrooms. The more light you integrate into the bathroom remodeling; the more spacious the room will look. When planning on this the renovation does not have involve big changes. But if you can afford it, widening or adding windows would be a great step. If not, then you can achieve more lighting without spending too much by using design materials such as glass, mirrors, and other reflective surfaces. Neutrals and light colors also help diffuse light.

Tidy Up
Cleaning up alone can bring considerable change when it comes to freeing more space in small is bathrooms. While at it, try to evaluate what you have in the area that is unnecessarily taking too much space. If your old, bulky radiator is, then it may be better to move it high up on the wall or better yet replace it with a more efficient and more compact designed unit. Other items to be on the look out for include free standing mirrors, towel basket, large-sized cupboards and trash bins.

To promote and maintain organization in small bathrooms which is crucial to avoid clutter that makes the area look all the more crowded, invest in the right set of bathroom cabinets. Free up floor space by installing wall mounted cabinets. When chopping for cabinetry and vanities, choose narrow profiles that use up only a small amount of room. And to make use of every inch of storage, it would be wise to integrate cabinet upgrades and accessories such as roll-out trays, drawer organizers, roll-out bins, etc.

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick - Review

Hey all, 

I haven't really ever been much of a fan of Revlon products, other than their foundations. Im not sure why, they just have never appealed to me, and until recently the only products from Revlon that I owned were a couple of nail polishes and Voluminous Carbon Black mascara. But recently I have been hearing a lot of positive chatter about the Revlon Colorburst Lipstick's, and chatter is something that I cannot ignore! 

Curiosity definitely kicked in and I headed out to buy a couple of Colorburst lippies! I picked up Petal & Peach, two gorgeous, light, summery shades. 

What I Love
- Rich, pigmented colours 
- Glides on smoothly
- Feels weightless, doesn't feel waxy at all
- There are shades to suit any skin tone! 
- The packaging is great for a drugstore product - sleek, stylish and modern! 

What I Am Not So Crazy About 
- Slightly drying
- Isn't very long lasting - about 2 hours wear max. 
- The smell bothers me a little, but I am very sensitive to smells so I wouldn't worry about it too much 
- The tip of the lipstick is square-ish, I prefer lippies with a more pointed tip as I find them easier to apply. 

They are a nice lipstick, and they do have some lovely shades! But, they aren't the cheapest drugstore lipstick's and for the price they are at, I would much rather put aside a little more money and pick myself up a MAC shade - which last longer, and aren't as drying on my lips.  

Price: $23.95 

Where to Buy: Priceline, Target, Big W, Myer & Selected Pharmacies across Australia 

Hope you all have a great day! xx

The First Ever BellaBox! October 2011

Hey all, 

After receiving my Beauty Box Australia a couple of weeks ago and being somewhat disappointed, I have been eagerly awaiting my first (and the first!) BellaBox. I'd heard a lot of good things about them, and subscribed immediately! But of course, because I was so excited, Australia Post had to delay my delivery for no apparent reason! 

But finally, it is here! It was waiting for me at home today, and I nearly jumped through the roof! 

We all know that first impressions are important, and I must say that as soon as I opened my box I was impressed! I was slightly worried because I'd set my expectations of BellaBox quite high, but they met my expectations and more! The packaging is adorable and stylish, the products are amazing and varied, and the little touches (like tying together two loose sachets with ribbon) let you know that they really care about their customers. 

Enough of my rambling, you all want to know what was in the box! 

What Did I Get
- Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer 
- A'KIN Lavender, Geranium & Jojoba Hand and Nail Creme 
- Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant 
- Savoir Faire Lipstick in Miss You 
- One Skin System Daily Hydrate 
- Wines Wipes 

I was ecstatic when I saw what my box contained. It was full of beauty goodies I have been wanting to try, or can't wait to try soon! I am happy with every single one of the six products in my box, and I will be using all of them! 

I am especially happy with the Savoir Faire Lipstick! The packaging is absolutely divine, and the shade is to die for! I swatched it on my hand immediately and am so excited to try it out on my lips soon! 

I am going to sum up how impressed I am with my BellaBox in one sentence, or I will be here all day. This is a subscription I am definitely going to keep!! 

They have promised to continously deliver fun, innovative and exciting products - I believe their promise and am excited for many more BellaBoxes to come! You can check BellaBox out here.

Hope you all have a great day! xx

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Using Bistro Chalkboards for Decorating Your Kitchen

Bistro chalkboards are a very useful thing to have for your eatery, no matter how big or small. Or, you may just want one to add appeal inside your home, or to use for another reason in your business, even if is not a restaurant. Regardless of the reason you would want one, there are so many different ones to choose from.
From brands, to shapes to size and design, you will have no problems finding a great deal of selection for this style of chalkboard.

What are Bistro Chalkboards?
Chalkboards like this are, often times, also referred to as bistro mats or French Bistro mats. The purpose is to write out messages, like you would on a chalkboard. These are most commonly used to write out an entire menu or the specials for the day. You may also be planning to use it one just to draw attention to your business or hanging it in the interior, to create a certain look.

Though originally more of a traditional chalkboard that stood outside like a sandwich board, there are different varieties, nowadays. You can find mats or boards like this that are very wide in their range. People often use light boards, as another style. You can use chalk, chalk markers and certain types of other markers to write out your message.

Why Use These Bistro Mats?
There are numerous reasons one might use a bistro chalkboard in their home or business. Most commonly, you could write out the menu or specials and help attract customers from outside. The reason a chalkboard is ideal, is that you can change the menu, specials or overall message. Of course, this can be a useful tool for any type of business that wants to convey a message, sale or daily specials to customers. It is a very popular method for bringing in people off the street.

Some people, though, like to use these inside and establishment, as well. You can still make customers or diners aware of what you have to offer, by using a bistro mat. You can also give a price list for wines or bring attention to a sale area, if used in an establishment other than a restaurant.

If you are going for a French or French bistro look inside your home, you could simply use one of these chalkboards to make shopping lists or write out messages to other members of your family.

What About the Look?
These boards or bistro mats can be elaborate or less ornate. Some are plain, for you to fill the space completely, or include lettering and detailing to create a French bistro look. You may find them in different sizes, or in shapes like rectangles, ovals or half circles. Look at some bistro chalkboards and you can include one or more in your business, today.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

OOTD 18/10 - Little Bit of Uni Fun

Hey all, 

Just a quick lil ootd blog post! I have been too busy today to write a product review (sorry!), but I figured that this was better than nothing! Just a casual outfit I wore to uni today - I had some assignment work to do, and some groupwork (OH the JOY!). It isn't anything fabulous, but it was super comfy! 

I also headed to grab mexican food at The Burrito Bar in Southbank with a friend in the late evening. Nomnomnomnom! If you haven't checked that place out, you really should! 


Sorry, I'm looking a bit dishevelled! I was in such a rush! (And just a tad lil bit grumpy...) 

Clothes - Accessories - Shoes 
SES Fashion Top/ Jeans West Jeans (they have a petites range - YAY!)/ Imagination International Flats/ Pandora Bracelets & Rings/ Lovisa Cuff/ Bag from eBay

What's On My Face 
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation in Honey Beige/ MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer NC40/ MAC Blush in Gingerly/ MAC Eyeshadow's in Shock-a-Holic & Woodwinked/ Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara/ FOA Eyeliner/ Lucas PawPaw Ointment

Now for a little glimpse of some uni fun! We're a bunch of crazies! 

The black blazer I'm wearing is from Bardot. 
I absolutely adore these new pastel purple flats I bought from a boutique in Brisbane, they are absolutely adorable and comfy!! Sorry my hair is a mess, it was a windy, windy day! Hope you enjoyed this little peek into my day, I'm starting to really enjoy doing these ootd posts!

Hope you have a great day & make sure you all keep warm and toasty! xx

Furniture for small spaces can be a challenge, whether it is a home, apartment, condo or any small space. It's easy to look into a small room, space or home and think you'll never be able to live comfortably, particularly if downsizing from a larger home.

No worries! Learn how to plan effectively, choose wisely and place pieces for maximum use, style and enjoyment.

Let's take each step individually.

First, plan effectively. Simply stated, you need to think about how each room or space in your home will be used, in order to place the furniture for your small space most effectively.

I always advocate writing things down, so grab a writing tablet and pencil, then take an unhurried walk through your space.

Write down the function of each room, and note if this space will be multi-purpose. For example, you may plan to use the dining area for eating and also allocate some space for a home office. Or, you may decide to use a room as a den/guest bedroom/home office.

By creating this written list, you have established a guide for yourself and are on your way to making good choices with furniture for small spaces.

Your second goal is to choose wisely with furniture and accessories. There are two major considerations. One is size and the other is function.

Let's say that you are going to select furniture for the living area. The list you created states that this room will be used for reading and relaxing, watching television and some entertaining.

You'll need seating for yourself, family and occasional guests, side tables and space allocated for a television. You'll also need lighting suitable for reading.

You've answered the 'function' part of the equation. Now, how about size?
When we consider the size of the pieces that will be placed in this room, we'll also think about the third step, which is effective placement of those pieces.

Read more about placement and get ideas for specific piece of Furniture for Small Spaces

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Little Bit Of 50's Floral - OOTD 17/10 + Mini Haul

Hey all, 

My lovely man snapped a couple of pictures of me as we were clearing out the now old apartment so I thought I would put up a little OOTD post. I was heading a little bit down the 1950's inspired path today, although trust me, I have no 1950's housewife skills what-so-ever! 

Hope you enjoy a little glimpse of me and what I get around in! 

Clothes - Shoes - Accessories 
Boutique dress/ Vintage Belt (thanks mum!)/ Therapy Lace Up Wedges/ Pandora Bracelets & Rings 

Face (super-natural today all!) 
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation - Honey Beige/ MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer NC40/ NYX Blush Espresso/ NYX on Nude Palette/ Lucas Pawpaw Ointment (MY FAVE!)/ Almay One Coat Mascara 

I Also Did A Lil Bit O Shopping - Mini Haul 

Pharmacy/Drugstore/Priceline Goodies - L'Oreal UV Perfect Moisturiser 
/ FOA Strengthening Nail Polish Remover/ Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector in Medium
Lovisa Necklace 
T.B.N Nail Polish - Sticker is Missing off the red/pink :(/ Gilt/ Gorgeous Grape 
Cotton On - Gingham/Plaid Bikini (YAY for summer!) 
Lovisa Bracelets 
I also bought 3 pairs of earrings from Lovisa that I completely forgot to take a photo of, but they are wooden, brown, and quite pretty! 

Hope you all have a great day! xx

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation Review

Hey all, 

I never expect great things from drugstore foundations, call me a snob, but I just have never seen how perfection could be found in a $14 bottle. I am sure at least some of you see where I'm coming from, perfection needs fancy ingredients and fancier price tags - doesn't it? 


I have found a drugstore foundation that is nothing short of amazing, and has nearly tempted me away from my HG Lancome Teint Miracle. The difference between the two? One was $15, the other $68 - now that is a difference that makes one blink! I'm talking about Neutrogena Healthy Skin foundation, and it is drugstore perfection indeed! 

What I Love
- Flawless med-full buildable coverage
- Goes on smoothly and is easy to blend 
- SPF 20 for sun protection goodness
- Matches my skin tone perfectly 
- Jam packed full of skin loving antioxidants 
- Cheap! 

What I Am Not So Crazy About
- Super hard to find in Australia (I sourced mine from eBay, I shall put the link below) 
- I have comb-oily skin & it definitely does need to be set with powder

I have gotten so many compliments when wearing this foundation! It looks extremely natural, gives you a radiant glow, and provides great coverage minus the cakey-ness. Best of all, it is good to my skin! And the higher than normal SPF level should help keep premature ageing at bay!

For reference I am a NC40/42 and wear the shade Honey Beige 110. 

Price: $14.95 

Where to Buy: Can be hard to find in Australia! I sourced mine from eBay, from Donna's Discount Delights 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Changing Your Bathroom Furniture

Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your house; it is used every day without fail. When it comes to buying furniture for your bathroom it is not always easy getting it all to fit together and look good in the room. Spending time planning out the bathroom is a vital key to success because you can have drawn out plans which let you see how much space you can have after the install of the furniture. Using computer programs which assist in the computer aided design can be used to show the perspectives of your bathroom. Programs like these are useful because you can play around with different pieces of bathroom furniture and see how they fit best.

If you want to update your bathroom furniture whilst sticking to the budget you have arranged, you should keep the layout you have and replace the furniture you have currently. This allows you to keep the set plumbing points which you currently have. Also because you are keeping the same plumbing points, this means that you won't be left without a bathroom while yours is being renovated.

When you are planning your bathroom and you are considering which furniture you would like, it is important to think what is going to be stored in the cupboards or draws. This can then determine the size of the cabinets that you will require or if you would need more than one. A useful vanity option which runs from the ceiling to floor provides the perfect space for towels and cloths. Having a vanity unit with a basin is a good space-saving unit and it can also have a surface which can be used for accessories.

When it comes to bathroom furniture its can either be wall hung or free-standing and they are very different from each other. The wall hung option for furniture is for more modern bathrooms which have a limited amount of space. The wall hung choice creates a minimalistic feeling in your bathroom and makes it seem much more spacious by taking up less floor space. The free-standing furniture has a more of a contemporary look and brings a stylish modern piece of furniture to your home. A good example of a piece of free-standing furniture is a chest of drawers these would be useful for the storage of bathroom products. In some cases it good to use both free-standing and wall hung furniture because this creates extra space.

OOTN Dinner Date

Hey all, 

My first outfit post! Yay! My man's coming back into town tonight, and we are heading out to get scrumptious thai food so I though I would put a quick OOTN post up before I left! 

It took forever to get a decent picture half because of the lighting, and also because my mother was taking them - who is inept with technology to say the least! (I'm sure we all understand that!)

Anyway, enjoy! 

Dress - Foxx Foe
Belt - Vintage
Bag - eBay
Shoes (not seen) - London Rebel Wedges 
Bracelets - Pandora 
Cuff - Tree of Life

What's On My Face 
Lacome Teint Miracle Shade 4/ MAC Select Moisturecover NC40/ MAC Mineralize Finish Med-Dark/ NYX Blush Mauve/ MAC Woodwinked/ NYX I Dream of Aruba/ MAC Lady Danger 

Friday, October 14, 2011

MAC Lady Danger - Review

Hey all,

This is definitely one of my favourite MAC lippie shades, and also my go to red lipstick for this summer! I'm a massive fan of red lipstick and have an extensive collection from various brands, but in the past few weeks every time I want a red lip, this is the one I reach for. I find that it brightens up any of my spring/summer looks!

It's a gorgeous, playful and wearable orange red, that I feel compliments any complexion. It's playful without being too overpowering. As most MAC lippies, the quality is great! It goes on smoothly, looks smooth and bright, doesn't smudge and lasts till the cows come home!

This summer is all about colour, so give it a try! Remember: a little danger is good for you!

Where to Buy: Myer and David Jones 

Price: $36.00

First pictures of myself I've put up! Eeek! 
Hope you all have a great day! xx

Wishing Upon a Star: October

Hey all, 

Usually around this time in the month I know exactly what I am lusting after! So I thought I would introduce a monthly wish list, so you can all be a part of the arguments I have with my brain justifying purchasing all these goodies! They're usually products that are a little bit more expensive & I haven't been able to justify buying...yet, or they are products that I haven't had a chance to get to! Or simply can't get my hands on - living in Australia. 

October's Wishes
- Tarte Starlet Limited Edition Palette 
- L'oreal Lash Architech 4D
- China Glaze - Atlantis 
- Wittner Cobalt Heels 
- Urban Decay Naked Palette

Hope you enjoyed having a glimpse and what I can't take my eyes off, and I would love to hear what you are all wanting to blow your money on this month! 

Hope you all have a great day! xx

Paradise for Orchid Lovers

The Orchid Garden in Kuching, Sarawak in East Malaysia is well maintained, and a stroll in this garden is delightful. The varieties they have here are mind boggling, so I'm not even attempting to ID all the orchids. Some of the orchid beds have tags, but most are deemed identifiable, I guess, but not to a novice like me. If you happen to see any that you are familiar with, do share your knowledge in the comment box, won't you?

I can't possibly put all my photographs in one post, as there are too many, so for today's post, I shall....well, I shall just give you an overview of the garden and present some close-ups.

This public garden is located right in the city of Kuching, just adjacent to the Astana (Palace).From the city centre, we can see the Palace across the Sarawak River and what is quite unusual for me but which is common to those who live in this land of many rivers, is that we have to catch a boat to ferry us across that river. The price of the ride? A mere fifty cents! Here's our boatman!  

There's the Palace.

We have to walk past the Palace gates to get to the Orchid Garden.

Here it is, The Orchid Garden!

From inside the garden, we can see another landmark of Kuching, the State Legislative building.


vigour  resonates
vibrant and strong in your youth
song of orchids trill

(Haiku Heights - prompt : vibrant)

the perfume of you
drifts in my sublimal dreams
rare, mystic orchid

(For Sensational Haiku Wednesday - prompt: rare)

For Tootsie

 rain falls
on tired orchids 
petals curl up in storm
unbeaten they unfold again
sun shines

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