Monday, January 31, 2011

Beautiful Modern Coffee Table with Sound System

Here are Beautiful Coffee table with added Sound System. this coffee table designed by belgian designers Jerome spriet and wolfgang Bregentzer,this coffee table function added beats of quality sound system. Coffee Table is made from a polymer and mineral blend that combines the advantages of stone and plastic. Its shape follows the natural curves of an elastic membrane which, like its sound, fills the space suggestively. Here some collection of thiss coffee table design check out.

Modern Bedroom Interior Design Ideas from Hulsta

Here are beautiful collection of modern Bedroom Interior designed by Hulsta.this bedroom colors and designed is very impressive.Hulsta always designed different interior design for can see this bedroom furniture are looking very beautiful and matching with bedroom wall colors and carpet,Bed,lamp all these thing designed lovers aslo provieded book shelves in would this bedroom please aply your bedroom this inspiration.

Hunter Valley Garden

This visit to Hunter Valley dates back to December 2007, long before my venture into Bloggerhood. This was also the visit that got me falling head over heels for a  Botanic Garden! If your genie could grant you only one visit to a botanic garden in Australia, wish for the Hunter Valley Garden. Seriously!

I had seen two other gardens in Sydney just days before heading for the wine country to stop at certain vineyards and taste the locally produced wine. The Hunter Valley region is famous for its deep red shiraz, we were told. It was actually a last-minute decision to visit the Hunter Valley Garden, but I'm so glad we didn't give it a miss.

There were lots and lots of lovely thematic gardens to see in Hunter Valley Garden. You would feel like a kid in a candy store. We walked more than 8 kilometres along the walkways leading from one 'garden room' to another.

The Formal Garden is splendid

Sunny weather for Santa here Down-under.

I like this look so much that I've got some ducks to place near my new border in my garden.

Now this I wouldn't be able to recreate in my garden!
At the Rose Garden...just luv-er-ly!
There were thousands and thousands of roses...all as pretty as this one.

Look at how fresh the roses look in the summer sun.

These plants must have had the best care in the world...healthy leaves, perfect blooms

We are of course in Story Book Garden.

And the dish ran away with the spoon.
Familiar nursery rhyme?

She has a familiar pose...

So serene...

This is my favourite view looking out from the cafe where we had a fine lunch.

The variety of native plants...
The vivid colours...

A splendid lake view...

A quiet summer gazebo...

There are just too many favourite photographs in my Hunter Valley Garden album that I want to share with you. Can't post all of them so I'll just drag myself away now. Hope you are inspired to add a feature or two or an idea for your garden from the photographs above.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Modern Minimalist Bathroom Design Ideas from Rexa

Rexa is very fomus italian company, Rexa is well known for Bathroom Materials and Bathroom essential design. here some latest collection minimalist bathroom designed by rexa. This bathroom design main theme is Space Navigations, these bathroom was designed very beautiful with black and white mixed colors. Check out some beautiful pictures of bathroom design ideas

Beautiful Small Apartment Interior Design Ideas

Here are beautiful Collection of Small Apartment interior design, This apartment has only 40 square meters of living space but still this apartment very comfort for living and cozy.first of all apartment color design is mind blowing, this apartment design brightest part is dining area and wall are colored in purple.Small apartment Furniture also good design by Designer. Here some collection of Small Apartment check out..