Saturday, July 30, 2011

Whimsical Tree Wall Decal

Whimsical Tree wall decal
Whimsical Tree wall decal

Pond Makeover

My little Fishies (they share a common name as there are too many to name individually) had been complaining to me about needing to upgrade their pond lately, so a makeover was in order. Hubby was pleased to get his D.I.Y. skills into practice, and he designed this pond concept that I am crazy about, clean lines and transparency! He used tempered glass, and we now have on our patio a 12ft by 12ft glass pond with a water feature in the centre, and a corner for water plants. Now I can watch my Fishies from every angle...they, on the other hand, get a huge apartment (a penthouse, no less!) thanks to my handy hubby.


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For  Haiku Heights (Prompt: Confession)

confess to the waves
empty the soul of burden
fish glide blithe with cheer

Monday, July 25, 2011

Latest Wall Designs Of Flowers

latest wall designs of flowers
latest wall designs of flowers

My Red Orchids Rock

My red orchids have been featured before when they shared the limelight with my dianthus in a post about Red rubies in my garden. Today I am pleased to feature them as the crown jewels of mygardenhaven this month! I had moved these vanda plants nearer to where the sunlight could trigger their flowering mechaninism. And it worked like it always does.With vandas, or possibly with all orchids, this does the trick. However, I noticed that their leaves were getting scorched in the process, whilst the blooms were as fresh and as crisp as cabbages in the refrigerator. It would be timely to remove them from full sun, I thought, so, in order to keep them fresh and crisp, I  decided to place them in a safer, cooler environment. Remember my purple orchid post, My Precious molly-coddled purple orchids? They were not blooming because I had put them in almost 90% full shade. That was why only one spray emerged; and that was from the plant nearest to the light. What I've done now, is, I've moved my precious red orchids to that place of 90% shade...oh, did I forget to boast about the FOUR sprays that emerged from two of the three plants? Yes, my FOUR sprays will last much longer in the shade now that they have endured enough sunshine.

Here they are, introducing my ravishing red orchids!

A Tribute To Nature's Gift

nature's gift of  life
borne of the soil,
nurtured by the elements
bearing beauty beyond belief
gifts that we treasure beyond measure
lives that we tend to, 
lives that we propagate
proliferate and  pamper to produce
abundant sustenance, feasts for the table
abundant inflorescence, feasts for the eyes
that is nature's gift so valuable
 a  blessing to our lives

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Explore Bedroom Design

Explore bedroom design
Explore bedroom design

Mission Style Decorating Ideas

Mission style decorating appeals to those who enjoy natural elements, a strong, clean, linear look and informal style of decor. A love of wood furnishings is also high on the list for this look, which is often call Arts and Crafts decor.

The two styles are very similar and share historical roots. A desire for a simpler and less ornate philosophy of decorating (enough of the Victorian curves, ruffles, swags and over-the-top finishes!) was the foundation and inspiration for mission style decor.

First, a little bit of history. The Arts and Crafts movement emerged from England in the late 19th century. Workers with trades such as carpenters, glass workers and carvers found that their skills were no longer required as the Industrial Revolution took hold. So they began to use their abilities to craft furniture that was well designed and hand produced.

Today, the art of creating mission style furniture remains a highly regarded skill, and many of the original methods are still employed, including the use of quarter-sawn white oak that is cut, sanded, fitted, and joined by hand.

By the early 20th century this style found its way to North America and earned the name of Mission style decor. While there are nuances that distinguish Mission style from Arts and Crafts, mostly in the use of the finishing touches and accents, both rely on heavy use of wood furniture as the foundation of the style as well as simple, clean lines in the design.

Read more about how you can create an authentic Mission Style decor in your home.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Bedroom Lighting Design

Bedroom Lighting Design
Bedroom Lighting Design

Bauhinia Kockiana

If you're looking for a spectacular show of vermilion-yellow blooms in your garden, this climber you see here, the Red Trailing Bauhinia, or Kock's Bauhinia, is the plant for your garden. The sun-loving flowers bloom almost all year round if you are in the tropics.

This plant is don't have to feed it often, but just make sure they get enough water. Pruning is essential to encourage more of the showy scarlet blooms to make an appearance.

They grow very quickly and if you have an arbor, or a pergola, the vines will cover your structure in no time. And when the blooms grow crazy like a party gone wild, you'll be proud to say you have a Bauhinia Kockiana in your garden!

Scarlet profusion
Drenched in tropical shower
Quenched by ambrosia 

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Log Home Decorating Ideas

Log Homes...a dream for many and a reality for some. Why? Well, unless you are going to cut down your own trees, harvest them, dry them, do the prep work and THEN think about the design,build and log home decorating process, you have to hire someone else to handle all of these things. And it is not for folks who are looking to build the most cost effective home available.

Log homes, particularly the beautiful, custom homes you see in magazines (and on this page)filled with log home decorating ideas, are more expensive than conventional homes.

There are ways to build a log home that are more cost effective, such as pre-built kits for smaller log homes. So, don't be discouraged, just be realistic. Enough of that - let's talk about the fun part - Log Home Decorating!

You can decorate a log home or you can decorate a home interior with log decor furniture and accessories, so there is more than one way to accomplish the lodge style look. 

As with other styles of decor, log home decorating is a style with different avenues. There is rustic decor, lodge style decor, country style, even a contemporary log home style, to name a few.

Read more about living in and decorating log homes

Thursday, July 14, 2011


(Haiku Heights Prompt #51)
suggested by Rosie of Travel-inspired Tales.

from the eye to the heart
sweet infatuation starts
 buds burst into bloom

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Teen Bedroom Design Can Be

Teen bedroom design can be
Teen bedroom design can be

Garden Fountains

Garden Fountains are a great way to personalize your patio area. Not only are they interesting conversation starters, the calming effect of the sound of flowing water can transform your ‘ordinary’ patio into a haven of relaxation!

As with many other types of outdoor decor, these fountains are available in a wide variety of materials, shapes, sizes and prices ranges.

When planning for your fountain, think about the space available for the piece. If your patio area is quite small, a wall fountain can be a great choice. It won’t take up any of your precious floor space and will provide the same qualities of a traditional garden water fountain.

For birdwatching enthusiasts, consider a combination birdbath and water fountain. Again, sizes and price ranges are available for just about any budget.

If your preference is to keep the family pets at bay, consider a type of fencing around your garden fountain to protect the area. Or, go ahead and let them quench their thirst!

 Read more about Garden Fountains

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cricut Wall Decor And More Full Content Cartridge

Cricut Wall Decor and More Full Content Cartridge

Cricut Wall Decor and More Full Content CartridgeFor More Info or to Buy Now: Cricut Wall Decor and More Full Content CartridgeAdd a touch of sophistication to your home with a ...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cupcake Holder From The Cindy Loo Cart, And Coffee/Tea Cup Card From ...

Cupcake Holder from the Cindy Loo cart, and Coffee/Tea Cup Card from ...

Cupcake Holder from the Cindy Loo cart, and Coffee/Tea Cup Card from ...standard cupcake size:) Also, I made a Coffee/Tea Cup from the Wall Decor and More Cart:) Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe (My modified version) Here's ...

Friday, July 8, 2011

Polymer Clay Judaica & Wall Decor By Sigaliot Designs - יודאיקה מחימר פולימרי

Polymer Clay Judaica & Wall decor By Sigaliot Designs - יודאיקה מחימר פולימרי

Polymer Clay Judaica & Wall decor By Sigaliot Designs - יודאיקה מחימר פולימריFor more polymer clay goodness please check my site: And join my Fan page

Sleeping Beauty Awakes

I could have titled this post Rip Van Winkle Awakes, but that reference to Old Man Winkle does not do justice to the young-faced Gloxinia looking up at me. However, this gloxinia plant, or rather, the tubers to be more accurate, had been dormant for over a year! They just hibernated in their little pot with no above ground level action at all. I even stopped watering them and let the soil harden into hard cakes. I knew the plant would come back when it is time to come back. Most of my friends who buy gloxinia plants from the garden centres ignorantly throw out the plant when they die back. People stopped buying gloxinias saying they were a waste of money.

So, in this post, I would like to advise these people to "Know Your Gloxinia"
Did you know that:

#1. Gloxinia is the common name for a popular tropical houseplant, Gloxinia speciosa, also known as Sinningia speciosa.

#2. The plants can be propagated by leaf cuttings, just like African violets. However it is easier to just keep reviving dormant tubers.

#3 The plants are pretty fussy about the amount of sunlight they get. Remember this tip: give then enough light, but keep them away from direct sunlight. Hmm, figure that out.

#4. Watering them is also an art. Water them thoroughly, the experts say, but do not keep them wet all the time or they'll die. However, they say not to leave them too dry, or they will also die. Of course, if you water the crown of the plant, they will rot, and die. So we are advised to let the plants absorb water from the bottom - fill a saucer with water and leave the pot of gloxinia standing on the saucer for an hour. Then remove the saucer they say. They also urgently remind us to use warm water. Yeah, but how do we keep the water warm after it is left exposed in a saucer for an hour?

#5. Feeding - this is also rather confusing. They ( I'm referring to the experts, not to the gloxinias, they do not say anything. But I know they are finicky little ladies... I mean these gloxinias, not the experts).Back to how to feed your fussy gloxinia. Feed them regularly when they are blooming, they say, but stop feeding them when they stop blooming. You would probably say you'd rather start feeding them when they stop blooming so that they'll produce more blooms. I'd agree with you! However...they say we have to stop feeding them so that the tuber can grow dormant. If they want the tuber to grow dormant, shouldn't we feed them? Sigh.

Anyway, now you know exactly how to treat your gloxinia. All I know is these gloxinias of mine are awake now, and they'll go back to sleep when they feel like it, and come back when they feel like it too.

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