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Small Bathroom Interior Decoration Idea

When you have a small bathroom you need to make every inch work for you. If you have to share a bathroom with others, the space is even more important is the space. Typically a small bathroom will consist of a commode, a sink and a shower or a tub/shower combination-- just the essentials. Put all these fixtures into a small space, only slightly larger than a closet and you have a real challenge. A bathroom five to six feet by eight feet is a tight squeeze, so make it all work for you.

Some things you can do to maximize your bath without changing any fixtures is to use the insides of cabinet doors for keeping curling irons and hair dryers within easy reach, without giving up valuable cabinet or drawer space. Look for wire type hangers for this purpose or look in the kitchen section of your home improvement stores for something like plastic and foil wrap holders, theses are narrow enough to hold hair sprays, tubes of gels and containers of lotion and the like. While these items are necessary, they do not belong on your counter tops.

There are a myriad of drawer dividers for jewelry, make-up and hair accessories; don't overlook kitchen cutlery dividers; you will find them in a variety of materials, from mesh metals, to bamboo and enameled plastic in great colors. If you do not have drawer space, put these items into a travel kit and put it away in a cabinet or closet and bring it out when needed. Again, these items should not take up counter space in any bathroom; they are the number one clutter creator in a bathroom. You can store these items under the sink in baskets just as easily. There is no need to keep lots of cleaning supplies under every bathroom sink either; doing so is a luxury indeed; instead get a carry-all intended for cleaning products and keep it with your other cleaning products, i.e. brooms, mops and furniture polish.

Little girls love lots of barrettes, ribbons and colorful clips; and busy moms need them accessible. Consider using clear plastic file pockets fixed to the wall, and fill them up with bands, clips and ribbons, this will keep them organized, readily available, off the counter and out of the way of everyone else who needs to use the bathroom. If you have enough space to add shelves to a blank wall, you can put these items in colorful baskets to go with your decor, label them and make them part of your decor.

Another tight area in a small bathroom is the tub/shower area. Sliding glass doors are difficult to bathe small children, and shower curtains often create more visual clutter than is necessary. If you can use a plain shower curtain instead, you can add a clear pocket liner to keep some toys, sponges and shampoos organized.

Take a ready-made shower curtain and carefully cutting off the grommet edge; save it; add a clear plastic or open mesh fabric, section to the width of the curtain, then add the grommet edge on top of the clear plastic piece, you will have a more open feeling to your cramped bathroom. By adding the new bowed curtain rod, you will add even more space to your shower area.

There are lots of ways to save space in small rooms; you just need to be open to seeing the space in a different way.

I'm taking a break... a coffee break!

Coffee Camaraderie

Sitting alone at the patio table
sipping peace to the trill of birdsong
nothing beats that cup of fresh brewed coffee
steaming hot in the chilly morning air

Having coffee for one might be fun, but
sharing a pot for two is a joyful conspiracy
exchanging stories between sips of friendship
breaking  biscuits and news to be shared by two

So here's to coffee camaraderie
to bonding and conviviality
come take a coffee break with me!

I shall be away, taking a break in Kuching, Sarawak for a week, so I shall not be participating in my favourite memes for a while. In the meantime, for those who drop in, help yourselves to some tea or coffee in these rose-patterned cups, and have a haiku to go with your cuppa:

change the rhythm
dare to reinvent yourself
emerge from cocoon

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Six September Favourites

Hey all, 

I'm going to be blogging about my monthly favourites each month, and I am trying to stick to 6 items per month (it is EXTREMELY difficult!). When I first compiled my list it was very long, and I just looked at it and realised that none of you are going to want to read that much! My favourite products are generally products that I reach for a lot during the month and find myself using more than everything else. These aren't full reviews of each product, but I will be reviewing them all soon, and I will link to reviews I have already written. 

One, two, three...Enjoy!

Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation 

Definitely my new HG foundation! I have been reaching for it so often this month, and am absolutely in love with it. It has medium-full buildable coverage, and makes my skin look flawless and radiant! I have also found that the quality of my skin in general has improved since I started using this foundation more - definitely a bonus! Read my review here.

I love my NYX eyeshadows as they are so pigmented, long lasting, and have a wide range of shades to choose from. Absolutely amazing for the price! Two NYX eyeshadows made it onto my favourites list for this month. 

NYX Eyeshadow in Gunmetal 

Absolutely gorgeous shade, it is so hard to explain just how beautiful it is without you all seeing it up close yourselves. Gorgeous dark silver metallic shade, with lighter silver shimmer particles. Catches the light beautifully, and is great for a smoky eye or a more dramatic look!

NYX Eyeshadow in Kiwi 

Beautiful bright, light green, with just the right amount of shimmer. Green is big this season, which I am suer excited about as it is one of my favourite colours to use! 

E.l.f. Cream Eyeliner - Plum Purple 

Absolutely gorgeous cream eyeliner, especially for the price! It goes on smoothly and without any hassle, is long lasting, and super pigmented! I'm definitely going to build my colour collection in the months to come, especially since I have been using coloured eye liners more and more! 

e.l.f Shimmering Facial Whip in Golden Peach 

My go to highlight for this month. 

MAC Cremesheen Glass in Looks Like Sin  

This was a limited edition from the Semi-Precious Collection, and I absolutely adore it. I wore it a lot this month, especially for darker looks or when I was heading out at night. I think you can still buy it from MAC official websites, and you would be able to find it on eBay. 
I hope that you all enjoyed reading a little about my monthly favourites, and I will make sure that I put a favourite list up each month! Make sure you let me know what your favourites are this month :) 

Hope you all have a great day! xx

* Photographs are not my own (except NYX eyeshadow pictures) nor do I claim that they are my own. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lamintae Flooring for Dogs Lover

Dog owners know how difficult it is to take care of flooring and furniture. Even if you start out with the best intentions to clean regularly and to keep pets off the sofa, fur from mischievous dogs and comfortable cats will quickly find its way to every exposed surface. Though you might not be able to keep pets from shedding, you can simplify your cleaning duties by making the right choice in flooring. Laminate floors are stylish and easy to clean, which makes them a popular choice with many homeowners. Once you've found the best laminate flooring for your dog, proper maintenance will allow you to enjoy your investment for years to come.

High-Pressure or Direct-Pressure Laminate Flooring: Which is Right for Your Dog?
As you shop for laminate, you'll find that there are two different types available. Both types include several layers such as the core layer, backing layer and decorative layer. In high-pressure flooring, the layers are connected to the core layer in separate stages using higher pressure and heat. This creates stronger flooring with a more durable surface. High-pressure laminate flooring is generally more resistant to scratches, scuffs and dents than its counterpart, direct-pressure flooring. For this reason, high-pressure designs are typically considered to be the best flooring for homeowners with large dogs.

Direct-pressure flooring is comprised of several layers that are bonded together simultaneously. The manufacturing process includes less heat and lower pressure, so the resulting product is less durable than high-pressure laminate. However, direct-pressure laminate flooring is easier to customize and stylize. Many people prefer direct-pressure laminates because they include textures and often look more realistic. Overall, the best laminate flooring for homeowners with small dogs or cats is direct-pressure laminate. Though direct-pressure laminate is less durable, small pets won't be able to harm it significantly.

Minimize Scratching to Make Your Flooring Last
Whether you choose high-pressure or direct-pressure laminate flooring, it's important to do everything you can to make your flooring last. No flooring is wholly scratch-resistant; you'll simply need to take measures to reduce scratches and dents. It's best to keep pets' nails trimmed regularly, as this will cut down on the amount they can scratch up the floors. You might also want to consider placing a few small mats or area rugs around the room in order to minimize wear on the floors. If the flooring does get scratched, it's simple to fill in imperfections with a repair kit or filling pencil, or by replacing the damaged plank.

Prevent Stains and Spills for Longer Wear
While carpets and hardwood flooring are easily damaged and stained by spills and moisture, flooring is extremely easy to clean. If your pet has the occasional indoor accident or a penchant for knocking over drinks, you can keep your flooring in good shape by promptly cleaning up the liquid. Be careful, however, not to let any spills sit on the floor for too long. Even if you have the best flooring, moisture can easily seep through and damage both your underlay and surface floor. Liquid damage of any type is a serious danger to any type of flooring, so take care to prevent spills where possible and to clean up any moisture at its first appearance.

Ensuring a Good Experience with Laminate Flooring
With proper care, flooring is an affordable, durable and pet-friendly option for your home. After you've chosen the best laminate flooring, consider installing a special noise-reducing underlay to cut back on the noise that your dog's nails will make when he or she runs across the floor. Keeping your dog's nails properly trimmed and filed at all times will also minimize sound. Additionally, make sure to give your dog some time to get used to the new flooring. Some pets have difficulty walking on flooring at first, as they find it to be more slippery than carpet. Encourage your dog to walk on the new flooring, and he or she will quickly become accustomed to the feeling.

Modern Metal Abstract Sculpture Wall Decor Art Luxury Modern Home

Modern Metal Abstract Sculpture Wall Decor Art Luxury Modern Home

Modern Metal Abstract Sculpture Wall Decor Art Luxury Modern HomeNon Abstract Modern Metal Wall Art

Decorating A Master Bedroom

Bedrooms are unique areas of the home. They have a specific purpose and can be treated in a very functional manner, with not much thought for bedroom interior design and decor.

However, most of us want, and need, a haven that we can retreat into and feel safe, secure and content. They can even evoke a scent that reflects the people who reside there, such as signature fragrances and aftershaves that linger, for example, and that is also a comforting feeling. (You smell your scent in a good way!)

So how do you go about decorating a master bedroom? There are several key decisions that need to be made, and all are of equal importance in your bedroom interior design and decor.

First, determine how your furniture is going to be placed in the plan for decorating a master bedroom. Is the space large enough to accommodate a sitting area? What size bed do you have, or plan to have, and will it fit comfortably into the room?  

Decorating for a master bedroom, and other rooms, includes determining the focal point of the room. When you walk into the space where are your eyes drawn? 

It could be the largest wall in the room, it could be out a window or door wall for a beautiful view, or possibly a lovely fireplace. Whatever the case, place the bed so that it is on the focal point wall or facing the focal point whenever possible.

You might consider painting the focal point wall an accent color, either a deeper shade of your selected wall color or another color in your palette. Just remember as you select there shades that the overall effect of decorating ideas for the master bedroom is soothing and calming.

Avoid overcrowding your master bedroom with furniture and clutter. If you have inherited an antique bedroom set that can barely be squeezed into your space, eliminate one of the pieces and use it in another room. 

Utilize the drawers in nightstands, dressers and the space in your closet to keep thing out of sight. Scout around your house or do some shopping to find unique pieces that can be used as storage.

Read more about Decorating a master bedroom

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Haul 28/09/11 - Reviews to Come!

Hey all, 

I was going to start making YouTube videos today, but alas, my plans are foiled! It is another gloomy day in sunny old brisbane, and the lighting is just all wrong. So, before I settle down and watch Daria with the cat, I thought that I would share my recent haul purchases with you all! Don't worry, I will review most of these products soon! 


First I went to Cosmetics Fragrance Direct (click on the link for locations near you). I usually pick up more stuff than I did this time when I was there, but I just wasn't feeling it! They do usually have great bargains though! 

Natio Fruit Gloss (for the life of me I can't find a shade number or name on the tube)

MOR Jasmine Tea Body Cream (smells so very good!) 

Priceline - one of the happiest places on earth! Never mind Disneyland! 

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in 310 
(It is a little light, but the next shade down was a little too dark - NC40/42) 

Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in 270 Fashion Icon 

Rimmel Nail Polish in 610 Pompous & 045 Misty Jade 

Almay Get Up & Grow Mascara in Blackest Black

I also picked up a lot of goodies from SAVVY by DB 

Cool & Warm 9 Shade Eyeshadow Palettes 

4 Eyeshadow Duos: Olive Twist, Purple Haze, Starry Night & Bluegrass 

2 Mono Eyeshadows: Grape & Pearl 

And a Mineral Blend Pressed Eyeshadow in Mauve 

Also picked up some Yes to Carrots skincare which is made with natural ingredients, and new to Australia! (I will definitely be reviewing it soon as I am in love with it already). 

Picked up some NYX goodies from Groove - which is the only place I know of that stocks NYX in Brisbane (other than purchasing online). 

NYX Single Eyeshadow in Mellow Yellow 

4 NYX Eye/Eyebrow Pencils: Lavender Glitter, Gold Glitter, Black Glitter & Acid Green 

2 Candy Glitter Liners: Green & Gold

NYX Girls Nail Polish in Sour Lime 

As you can see, I was a busy little bumblebee! I also picked up some shoes, a couple of necklaces and a dress. But if I also talked about my non-make up related products, we would be here all day! 

Hope you all have a great day! xx

(Sorry for the bad lighting on the pictures! As I mentioned earlier, it is a horribly gloomy day :( ) 

Chandelier Kid's Wall Décor Review Top 5 Bestsellers From Amazon

Chandelier Kid's Wall Décor Review Top 5 Bestsellers from Amazon

Chandelier Kid's Wall Décor Review Top 5 Bestsellers from AmazonHerewith Chandelier Kid's Wall Décor Review and best deal for Chandelier Kid's Wall Décor Product. 1. Easy Instant Decoration Wall Sticker Decal ...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation Review

Hey all, 

It's an awful gloomy day here in the usually sunny Brisbane, so I thought that I would do some reviewing! I am on the hunt for absolutely perfect skin (aren't we all?) and have been trying a lot of foundations lately. I seem to be reaching for my Lancome Teint Miracle bottle almost all the time, and I am absolutely loving it. 

It is a relatively new foundation by Lancome, and was launched after 10 years of in-depth research. Lancome calls it a 'natural light creator - bare skin perfection', and I must say that they are not lying; this foundation is short of amazing! It contains 40% water, and particles not found in any other foundations on the market. Scientifically, it is pretty damn cool, but enough about that. 

What I Love 
- It is good for your skin: It is water based, oil free, non-comedogenic and dermatologically tested. It also has rose extract which soothes the skin! 
- SPF 15
- It blends seamlessly into the skin.
- Medium-full coverage. 
- Looks natural; it has a gorgeous finish - not too shiny, but not matte. 
- Makes the skin look radiant. All I can say is that the patented ingredients Lancome is talking about really work! 
- A little also goes a long way, which means it will last longer than some other foundations as well.
- It has a subtle floral fragrance and smells absolutely divine. 
- The packaging is elegant and classy, and looks wonderful sitting on top of the dresser. 

I'm leaving out the cons section, as there is honestly nothing I do not love about this foundation! 

Australia: $68 from Myer or David Jones 
US: $37 

This is definitely my new HG foundation, and I adore it to say the least. I am certain I will repurchase it for years to come! 

For reference: I am a NC40/42 and my Teint Miracle shade is 04.

Hope you all have a great day! xx

nieuwe portfolio foto's en website geupdate!

Dit moest ook wel even gebeuren, mijn website vernieuwen en al het recente werk erop zetten. nu ga ik het binnekort in pdf zetten en waarschijnlijk opsturen naar enkele mensen.

AB108 Crown Molding - Wall And Ceiling Decor

AB108 Crown Molding - Wall and Ceiling Decor

AB108 Crown Molding - Wall and Ceiling DecorCommonly used with 9'-10' Ceilings; 3.9'' H x 3.9'' W x 94.5'' Long; AB108Crown is a hardened polyurethane molding. It has similar density as pine ...

Sunday, September 25, 2011


from within and from without
zen enlightenment

(For Haiku Heights)

From without:
sometimes the light from the setting sun
blazes strong and adamant
reluctant to leave centre-stage

and sometimes, the tired sun
casts a gentler light as it sets
seemingly glad to go to bed and have a goodnight's sleep

and the moon takes over
bathing the darkness
with its soft silvery light

Still illuminating from without:

the evening sun still bright
beams its golden light on the waves
signalling to the seagulls that day's toil is almost done

the revealing light of truth
baring for all to discover
dark secrets and crimes of passion

the noon light 
benevolent, casting a vertical shadow
forming an umbrella of love

highlighting the many facets
of singular blooms
the sun empowers and beautifies 

From within:

and magically 
there's light illuminating from within
the burning embers of the heart 

From within yet without:

illuminating the bleak interior of caverns
and underground rivers
neon lights reveal a wonderland 

dispersing all fears of the dark and unknown
that caves are wont to transmit 
if there were no illuminating light within

without the light
will there be shadows
without shadows
won't everything be just plain bright?

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Farmhouse Decorating

Farmhouse decorating is casual, informal and rustic with elements of both country and cottage style incorporated into this look. Find out more about creating a farmhouse interior in your home.

What comes to mind when you think of a farmhouse?

I imagine a large, two story wood sided home with a wide covered porch, lots of windows that are simply adorned, green grass all ‘round, mature trees and a big,big blue sky overhead. No fancy figurines or fountains adorning the entry area; just pots of colorful flowers, a well used porch swing, and a duo of colorful rockers with an old barrel in-between to serve as a small table.

Now, keep that picture in your mind, because those elements are the foundation of farm house decorating style:

  • Wood surfaces - distressed, painted, rubbed...this is an integral element in farmhouse style interiors.Consider wood flooring that is casual and not overly shiny in it’s finish. Or, get an authentic feel, literally, with reclaimed barn wood, for example, for floors, cabinets, etc.
    Use wide wood trim such as pine planks around doors and windows.
    Bead board wainscoating is commonly found in farmhouse interiors, so use it generously where desired.
  • Furniture - continues the use of wood as an element, with farmhouse style dining tables, vintage storage cabinets and kitchen cabinetry with reclaimed wood faces.Comfortable upholstery is the choice here, with simple patterns and lines. Nothing overly ornate or fussy in farmhouse decorating, yet not too stark and cold, either. keep the fabric colors somewhat muted, with brighter accents here and there, but not overtaking the space.
    Use wood with a bit of iron (such an an iron bed or table base) to keep your upholstered pieces company.
  • Colors - are natural and not overly bright for most of the home’s decor. Think of the natural elements tone browns and tans, soft greens, blues and yellows, shades of taupe...the interior of your farmhouse decor should be a continuation of the outdoors.
  • Collectables - are found in farmhouse style, but not in a cluttered and over-the-top way.
  • A vintage tea cup collection might be displayed in an open cupboard or kitchen cabinet that has had it’s door removed, but the little treasures are not found in every nook and cranny of the home. Use some restraint and remember that simple is good.

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The Christchurch Botanic Gardens

With most of you anticipating autumn, and some eagerly awaiting spring, while the rest of us in eternal summer, let's all go for a garden walk where we get to see the best of springtime pleasures. Let me take you to the Garden City's most established Botanic Garden, the Christchurch Botanic Gardens. You'll love it there.

There'll be less talk and more walk. Are you prepared for this? Bet these three ladies are looking forward to their garden is spring, the air is crisp and they are all...oops, I did say less talk. Okay. Let's go.


Light of heart we start
sweet anticipation meets

(For Sensational Haiku Wednesday)

The sign post points to Annual Bedding and Plant Displays. Sounds good. The anticipation is building up...what do they have in store for us?

Annual beddings...carpets upon carpets of spring blooms...heavenly!


among these carpets
part the blooms and help me search 
I've lost my heart here

(For Haiku Heights)

Wow, this flower bed is bright and cheery!

And this is so very sweet and demure.

Want to get a closer look?

Shall we stop by for some refreshments? My treat. We could just sit outside and enjoy the view as we sip our coffee and have some pie.

Let's make for the Conservatory...what kind of plants are they  err, conserving?

Ooh, my favourite kind! These hydrangeas are insanely lovely.

These cherubs would look nice in my garden.

We have to leave the conservatory, ladies. There's more to see outside. I know, I know. It is hard to tear ourselves away from these luxuriant blooms.

Aha! I spot a tree-hugger!

Look up, tree-hugger, see the view of the sky through the cherry blossoms.

The rhododendrons and azaleas put up a great display!

Let's leave the gardens with one parting look...the weeping willow by the Avon you really want to bid farewell?

Say Goodbye

It is so hard to say goodbye
my heart tightens
I choke on the words
they remain in my throat

No, I shan't say goodbye
I'll just bid adieu
I'll live on the scent and the memories of you
till we meet again

(For Poets Rally)

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