Monday, February 28, 2011

Mosaic Monday - Early Spring in Yunnan

It is early spring there in Yunnan, China and the flowers that were evident were those in pots. Indoors, in hotel foyers, even the camellia plants were brought in for display, in huge pots. Other plants like the narcissus and belladonna lilies looked so lovely in their oriental blue and white porcelain pots. Outdoors, in the parks and temple grounds, pansies, daisies,  and other spring flowers were arranged in their pots as landscaped flowers.Only the hardier varieties like calla lilies and cabbage flowers were planted on the ground.

Hope these images of early spring blooms bring a warm feeling into your hearts.

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Amazing flower pots Design by Good Studio : The Facepot

These is Beautiful flower spots design by Good Studio.These flower spots Displaying family photos in new green way. Graphic technique: continue the experiments in the synthesis of images and objects.Here Some Beautiful Collection of Facepot Chekout.

Bathroom Interior Decorating Ideas

Bathroom Interior Decorating Ideas
Here are some useful ideas for decorating a beautiful bathroom.
Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Bathroom Decorating Ideas

* Use tiles with designs, and install them on the 4 walls covering ¼ of each wall, and the rest with plain colored tiles, paint the same patterned designs a bit on the sink and bathtub.
* Try a complete white bathroom design with white tiles, white toilet, sink, bathtub and accompany with steel metal accessories like shower and taps. Place 4 paintings which are in a sequence, on the 4 walls to add an interesting accent.
* Go for a lavender and black colored theme. Go for light lavender colored walls, with black metal accessories and black bathtub, sink and toilet. Place a potpourri bowl with lavender and other color ingredients and sprinkle some lavender essential oil for a bathroom which even smells like lavender!
* Create soothing and natural looking bathroom decorations with off-white colored tiles, place a bamboo mat and bamboo shelves and a small bamboo houseplant.
* Use full patterned tiles for all the floor and all walls, and go for off-white bathtub, sink and toilet. Place some off-white colored mats on the floor and other off-white colored accessories on the walls to tone the place down.
* Go for a theme like an open bathroom and paint the ceiling with a sky mural. Add more bathroom lighting or consider installing a skylight and use tiles which give a feel of outdoors. Or hang paintings which display outdoors on white tiled walls.
* Create your own private beach theme in your bathroom. Hang a sign on the door saying private beach, then add accessories like shells, crabs, starfish on the walls. Go for aqua green shade of tiles and floor, and use metal accessories with bronze color and white bathtub, sink and toilet. Add a shower curtain with shell designs on it, and go for bathroom vanities like a mirror with a coral frame.
* Try out a stunning and modern looking bathroom, with bold and clean lines and colors like black and silver. Use black colored walls, and steel accessories. Sober it down a bit by going for white sink, toilet and bathtub. Place 2 abstract paintings, one on the opposite wall to the toilet and one on the opposite wall to the shower stall for you to contemplate.
* For a soft and beautiful light reflecting bathroom, go for wooden bathroom flooring of medium shade. Then place some rocks and house plants which can live in low light on the ground. Go for white bathtub, sink and toilet; and place soft translucent fabric curtains with the same colors of the walls, which can be blue, orange or green.
* Go for a plain white colored bathroom with white walls and floor, and bathtub, sink and toilet. Then add light fixtures of great designs which give out different colors. Pick an assortment of such colored lights and hang them on the four corners and enjoy the blending of beautiful colors in your bathroom. Use little accessories like wooden shelves and other small wooden decorative items, and place a vase with flowers on the sink counter.

Modern Wooden House Design Ideas

This house is called Casa Codina and was created by A4estudio.The house is situated in a flat area of 1500 square meters in an emerging residential area within the city of Mendoza in Argentina.The house always runs on an intimate central courtyard, opening the main spaces to a large perimeter garden use more public and more humid conditions. The main spaces are arranged facing north in order to obtain a direct heat gain from sunlight, smaller spaces more intimate, are oriented east to its own sphere, leaving the service to the west.Here are Some Beautiful Pictures of Wooden House Design Check out.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Macro Flowers Saturday - The Stately Camellia

I've been seeing a lot of Camellia lately...and mind you, she's a busy lady!

In the province of Yunnan in China, the camellia is the flower that  has been selected as the provincial flower. You can see her the streets and tourist areas, in posh hotels where she steals the limelight, in her natural environment, under the sky where she holds her head up high.

What an elegant lady!

Macro Flowers Saturday can be accessed here at this link Macro Flower Saturday

Friday, February 25, 2011

Skywatch Friday - Sky Above Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Hey friends, I'm back after a week's absence! I've been chasing clouds and last week, the chase ended in China! Yes, I flew to Kunming, China on the 18th of February, and arrived back in Mygardenhaven this evening. As you can see, I couldn't wait to share with you the photographs I took while in Kunming, Dali and Lijiang in the province of Yunnan. As it is a Friday today, I'll start with these spectacular sky views above Yu Long Xue Shan, translated as Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, in LIjiang.

The name of the mountain is inspired by its shape - that of a gigantic dragon which is snow-clad all the year round. Looking at the white clouds above me, I imagined that they were the spirit of the dragons guarding the mountain.

The skies here are a deep azure, a perfect colour for the background canvas for Nature to paint the  mountains, glaciers and of course, the white clouds.

From the vantage point of Spruce Meadow, you can see how it feels for the clouds to have allies in the form of the tall spruce trees standing guard at the foot of the mountain.

There are so many more skyscapes I would be sharing on Skywatch Fridays in the coming weeks. In the meantime, let's go watch more skies by clicking on the Skywatch Friday link at the bottom of this page.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Modern Minimalist Lounge Chairs For Living Room

Here Beautiful Collection of Modern Minimalist Lounge chair for your living Room when you want seat relax and watching tv or listen music then very perfect this chair , This minimalist lounge chair has a beautiful shape, S-shaped that cradles your entire body in just the right place and perfect for living room.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Creative Rounded Bed Design by Prealpi

Modern Rounded Bed Designed by italian company prealpi.prelpi manufatured premium quality beds with unique and stylish designs. Here some pictures of Creative Rounded Bed check out.

Minimalist Home Office Desk Furniture Ideas

Minimalist Home Office Furniture Designed by Keith Tay with Habitat UK. Home office desk furniture concept very beautiful and desk opening such as the piano when you want to use.Home office desk features is the desk made by very nice wooden and the desk can feet in small space. Here some pictures of Home Office desk Check out.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Modern Drawing Room Design by Radhika Gupta

The Modern Drawing Room Designed by Radhika Gupta Interior Designer in Delhi, India. This Room lighting is wonderful design and sofa set match with wall colors, Really attractive and fresh design here some pictures check out.

Modern Comfortable Ofo Chair With Bookshelf

Modern Ofo Chair Has Designed by Solovyov Design studio. Ofo Chair Features is Very Comfortable Chair with Bookshelf. Ofo chair Designed very Stylish and Curved. This OFO chair main Features you can like small library. Ofo Chair is Available in Multiple colors Combination.Here are some Beautiful pictures Ofo Chair Check out.

Outdoor Moonlight Globe Elegant Lighting Design

Outdoor Moonlight developed and manufactured in Germany, Moonlight has won numerous design awards and has received some of the lighting industry’s highest ratings for resistance to damaging elements like moisture and dust intrusion.Here some pictures of Moonlight Globe Design Check Out.if you would like this type lamp apply your landscape.