Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wall Stickers, Wall Decals, Stick Art Wall Decoration

Wall Stickers, Wall Decals, Stick Art Wall Decoration

Wall Stickers, Wall Decals, Stick Art Wall Decorationwww.stick-art.com With Stick-Art removable wall stickers you can decorate any room in a unique way. Our wall stickers are very easy to apply and ...

Home Office Color Schemes

3rd in a series on Home Office

Home office color schemes play an important role in home office design. Select the palette that will work best for your work environment and your home decor.

You’ve worked hard to plan your home office design, putting much thought into the placement, furnishings and equipment. Now it’s time to pull the space together... what about the color scheme?

Sure, you could paint the walls some shade of off-white and be done with it, but there is so much more at stake here. Whether you spend a couple of hours per week or all day, every day, the mood that is set in this space can certainly affect your outlook and productivity.

There are two main considerations when deciding on home office color schemes;
First, you want this space to be consistent with the rest of your home decor. You’ll want to see at least one or two colors in the office that appear in the rest of your home. 

Second, what type of mood do you want to create? When you answer this question, it is going to be affected by how much time you’ll be spending in the office.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Pazzles Wall Vinyl And Wall Décor CD Create Exciting Projects For Your Home And Crafts

Pazzles Wall Vinyl and Wall Décor CD Create exciting projects for your home and crafts

Pazzles Wall Vinyl and Wall Décor CD Create exciting projects for your home and craftsWith your Inspiration Electronic Cutter and Pazzles Wall Vinyl you can create exciting projects for your home and crafts. Pazzles Wall Vinyl comes ...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

When a Rose is not a Rose

This post is about my Confederate Rose, which is not a rose, but a hibiscus. It belongs to the Malvaceae family and is known as Hibiscus mutabilis. My Confederate Rose bush happens to be a double flowered cultivar which produces really large flowers that are about four inches across.

What makes this flower so special is its magical ability to dazzle! If you have seen quick-change acts on stage where the performer changes her clothes in the wink of an eye, then this is the flower version. In the early morning, this flower is white in colour. It slowly changes into a blushing pink by noon, and in the evening, it is red! This magic act in my garden never fails to amaze my friends. You can't help but fall in love with this beauty

It is also known as Cotton Rosemallow, Cotton Rose and nicknamed the Changeable Beauty.

Why is it named the Confederate Rose? Well, in the USA, it is generally grown in the section that was once known as the Confederate States of America. It is a popular garden plant in the United States, but it is native to Southern China.

According to Wikipedia, in Ancient China, the flowers are believed to resemble beautiful ladies. Some historical paintings depicting beautiful young women are titled "Cotton rosemallow out of the Water", which has the proverbial meaning of a young lady whose beauty is appreciated.

Rondo Room 3D Wall Decor On "Designing Spaces"

Rondo Room 3D wall decor on "Designing Spaces"

Rondo Room 3D wall decor on "Designing Spaces"Rondo Room 3D wall decor, as seen on "Designing Spaces." To see the full version, visit Rondo's website at www.rondoroom.com

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NAUTICAL METAL WALL DECOR: THE BEST WAY TO BEAUTIFY YOUR HOMEwww.metal-wall-art.com - This site offers eye-catching nautical metal wall decor and sculptures. These wall decors come in different designs in ...

Home Office Design Ideas

2nd in a series on Home Office

Whether you work at home full time, part time or on an as-needed basis, having the proper design of your home office is essential.

I spend an average of four hours or more per day in my office, and know that a comfortable and efficient work environment is vitally important.

When designing your home office space, consider these three important questions you’ll need to answer. I call them the ‘How Much’ questions:

  How much...
               ...time will I spend here?
                              ...space do I need?
                                               ...privacy do I need?

After you think on those questions and come to some conclusions, you’ll be better able to move forward with good home office design ideas. 

For example, my home office requires enough space for a full size desk and related office equipment, including a large capacity printer. I need room for at least three filing cabinets plus shelving. I also need to have privacy at times for customer phone interaction as well as concentration for writing.

Consequently, I know that taking a corner of the dining room and designing my little home office space will not work for me.I have a room in my home set aside as ‘the office’.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

La Belle Et La Bête

La Belle et La Bête

La Belle et La BêteBelle first entering the castle ... jean cocteau josette day belle et la bete marais ...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gold Celtic Cross │ Metal Wall Decor │ Irish Celtic Symbols

Gold Celtic Cross │ Metal Wall Decor │ Irish Celtic Symbols

Gold Celtic Cross │ Metal Wall Decor │ Irish Celtic Symbolsstores.ebay.com The Celtic Cross is a known relic of religion. It's design is incredibly simply and yet it's a complex instrument. It measures ...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wall Decals Nature Collection WALLTAT

Wall Decals Nature Collection WALLTAT

Wall Decals Nature Collection WALLTATwww.walltat.com - Nature Collection is inspired by mother nature and includes, trees, grasses, branches and other graphic interpretations of ...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How To Make A Wall Decoration

How to make a wall decoration

How to make a wall decorationHow to make a chipboard decoration for your scrap room wall. Please visit my scrap blog at: annasscrapcorner.blogspot.com

Decorating Home Office Spaces

This is the first of several posts about decorating a home office. With so many of us spending anywhere from an hour or two, to many hours per week working from home, it's a topic that most can relate to.

Many people are finding that a designated space for a home office is both a desire and a necessity. Whether you literally work from home full time or use your office space to pay bills and take care of the family budget, decorating a home office space to suit your style and decor will help create an area you'll love.

So how do you go about decorating home office spaces? Well, you need to make some decisions first, and they're not difficult, but they are important.

First decision to make is, how will this home office space be used? If you work from home full time, for example, you may need more designated space than if your use will be a few hours a week. So decide how critical this space is to your lifestyle.

Your second decision for decorating home office spaces will be a natural outcome of the first, and that is, where will the home office be located?

It may be an area in the dining room, the kitchen, the den, living room, bedroom, etc. Try to allocate a space that includes natural light. Although you will add task lighting, the natural light provides a boost for your body and soul, so take advantage of that resource!

There is no right or wrong answer, no room of the house that works better than another. Ultimately where you locate your home office space is a very personal decision, based on your needs, your family and your lifestyle.

Read more and find out about selecting the pieces and creating your own personal style in your home office decorating

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quilt Magic Wall Decor

Quilt Magic Wall Decor

Quilt Magic Wall DecorLearn how to quilt with no sewing and no gluing. Terri O teaches you how with this Quilt Magic kit from Herrschners.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Craft Room Handmade Wall Decor

Craft room handmade wall decor

Craft room handmade wall decorHere is some wall art I made using paper mache letters and the thrift shop collection from October Afternoon. I hope you enjoy! Feel free to ...

Melody of Orchids...on my patio.

These yellow orchids are coming along beautifully. The plants are truly hardy. They have been with me for more than 4 years, and after a short period of rest, they periodically and dutifully burst into song to please their owner. Just look at the song of joy they are serenading to my bird-feeder on the wall! Can you hear the rapturous symphony?

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Decorating With Chalkboard Wall Decor

Decorating with Chalkboard Wall Decor

Decorating with Chalkboard Wall Decorwww.brightstarkids.com.au See how fun, quick and easy it is to use chalkboard wall stickers from Bright Star Kids

Front Porch Decorating Ideas

Front porch decorating is really not that much different than decorating the inside of your home. Your style and flair can be expressed through color, placement and accessories. 

In fact, by doing this, you create the expectation and introduction of what your guests will see when they enter your home.
So if you’re perplexed or unsure of how to go about your front porch decorating, no worries! 

Decide what your overall decorating style is and stay true to that theme with this project. Country, contemporary, shabby chic, urban, eclectic...use the same selection process for the front porch as you do for your home interior.

Same goes for your color selections, whether it be flowers, containers, furniture, paint, etc. Think about permanent exterior colors of your home...siding, stucco, brick, roof, trim...then consider your interior color palette. Try to blend the two with front porch decorating selections that complement both.

Consider the steps, the front door, trim, the porch floor itself and the porch ceiling, if applicable. Would a fresh coat of paint freshen things up? How about an accent color?

Think about the porch elements themselves. What type of floor does your porch have? Would it benefit from a change? Pavers, real or faux stone, composite deck material and even tile are just a few suggestions. Speak with a professional to see what options will work for your particular home.

Is your front porch large enough to accommodate some type of seating? How about a bench, a pair of chairs, porch swing, etc. Think about the type of piece that will represent your decorating style as well as the element is it made from and the color of the finish.

...read much more about Front Porch Decorating 

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wall Décor & Bathroom

Wall Décor & Bathroom

Wall Décor & BathroomMake sure the décor in your nursery is updated as your child gets older. Be sure to childproof your bathroom to prevent access to the toilet and ...

Simple Wall Decor

Simple Wall decor

Simple Wall decorSimple city skyline I did to one of my walls used strips of paper from a roll of poster paper and 3M double sided tape to hold in place real time ...

The Strangest Roots ...

Taken in Hanoi, Vietnam. These roots are like a community of strange-looking swamp inhabitants! What do they look like to you?

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Monday, May 16, 2011

A Foxy Tale

Since I have begun to feature palm trees, I find that there are actually so many interesting varieties here in my town itself. This one is a Foxtail Palm. There are many tales about the Fox Tail...

The trunk is self-cleaning and has a smooth appearance.

Tale # 1
The botanical world didn't know about the foxtail palm until 1978 when a man named Wodyeti brought it to the attention of Australian botanists.

Tale # 2
The palm was given the genus name Wodyetia after Wodyeti, an Aboriginal man.

It got its common name, Foxtail Palm, from the shape of the foliage.
Tale # 3
It was classed as a rare palm in Queensland.
Tale # 4
After it became known to the world, these palms became so sought after that a blackmarket trade formed for selling the seeds of the foxtail palm. Today. it is the world's most popular palm.

The flowers are produced when the palms are mature at 12 years of age!
Stalks of white flowers grow from the base of the crownshaft.
If you look close enough, you can see a yellow bird taking cover from my prying eyes. Too bad it didn't peek out at me...that would have been the perfect shot! This particular tree is about 20 feet high; Foxtails can grow up to a height of 30 feet.

The large, oval-shaped, green fruits turn orange-red when ripe.

Multi Purpose Dining Room Ideas

Today, many homes and lifestyles function most effectively with multi purpose dining room designs.
While some of us love our traditional dining room decor, that specific purpose space is too confining and underutilized.

So how can you best use the 'dining room' space for your lifestyle?
First, determine what it is that you need in terms of usage for your room. For some, it's home office space. And, you don't necessarily have to 'work from home' to have a legitimate need for office space.

Others may desire a reading or conversation area away from the living room of their home. An area set aside for craft projects is essential for some creative homeowners.

Occasional overnight guests may require sleeping quarters. (Hint: think Daybed!)
And, it may be very helpful for some homeowners to have a small area set aside for casual dining in the 'dining room'.

Whatever may be on your list...read more about setting up your multi purpose dining room here.

'Til next time,

Friday, May 13, 2011

Purity and Elegance Combined...my white hibiscus

Dressed in a simple white ball gown and adorned with a simple yellow ornament, she steps out into the limelight...a radiant tropical bride.

She pirouettes and looks up coyly at her groom.

"Take my heart, but please don't break it", she whispers.

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Ideas On Wall Decoration:

ideas on wall decoration:
ideas on wall decoration:

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Wall Decor Sticker

wall decor sticker
wall decor sticker

My Design Closet

If you are looking for ways to update a tired bath and give a feeling of additional space, here are two suggestions that will give instant sophistication:

First,  install a frameless glass shower. The typical boxed in look of the shower will be gone and the bathroom will appear larger.

Instantly update the look of your bath with a vessel sink (or a pair, if appropriate.) New fixtures that complement the design of the sink will also serve to update your space.

If you are decorating on a budget, shop wisely at discount and home improvement stores and you'll find the best products for your money.

What's in your design closet?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What brings me joy...a tranquil garden.

This is a repost from one of my earlier posts last year that I transferred 
from another blog to this one. 

Whilst  searching for what brings me joy for Travel-i-Tales' meme, 
MISSION QUITE POSSIBLE, I kept thinking of the time I was enthralled 
by one particular garden...a tranquil, joyful garden.

I found joy in this place we happened upon, in Ashburton, New Zealand. 
It is a privately owned country garden belonging to Alan & Catherine Trott. 
This award winning garden is open to the public. I can imagine it being a 
favourite venue for weddings. As we walked along the woodland garden, the 
birds were singing more joyfully than I've heard birds chirping elsewhere in 
the other gardens we've visited. You just cannot help but be happy there. I 
was telling Alan Trott as we were leaving that I could spend the whole day 
there just reading or dreaming. It has that kind of peaceful serenity you don't 
easily get to experience. Idyllic.

I love the woodland garden. Of course I couldn't identify all the plants there;
 so it was all the more exciting discovering strange " new" species.  Among 
those which are familiar to me are the rhododendrons and azaleas and maples. 
The colours were brilliant.

The formal garden is attractive in its own right. I would love to have that 
blue garden bench between two topiary plants in my own garden! Will be working 
on making that materialise one day. 

I wouldn't be able to have a knot garden like Trott's though. It is just too huge a 

My congratulations to the Trotts for producing a living, breathing 

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