Thursday, March 31, 2011

15 Modern Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas

Today, We have going to post Modern Minimalist Living Room.the living room design by mobilfresno Company. Here you can see the company excellent furniture se for a modern black and white living room and stylish coffe table which are perfectly matched with lacqured wall units and minimalist sideboards.

On the ground

I am going to be a good girl and abide by Katarina's theme closely this week. I am going to traverse the length and breadth of My Garden Haven and keep my eyes on the ground, looking for what is ON THE GROUND and not be distracted by what is above ground or underground!

Here are the results of my focused task:

A strange mushroom (or toadstool?) was found under my Norfolk pine trees, BUT nevertheless it was on the ground. I have never seen this in my garden before. I have seen the round white ones that look like button mushrooms, but those were not to be found that morning, only this one solo ULO (Unidentified Lying Object), lying on the ground. I was quite taken by it...great texture and fetching pattern, I thought.

A macro shot for Macro Friday.

Next I found these lovely little blooms of white and yellow lilies along the perimeter of my White-and-Yellow Flower Bed. They are lilies that I  that planted earlier in the year as bulbs, and syncronizing with the spring crocuses of my blogger friends in the temperate countries, my lilies are now to be discovered on the ground peering demurely up at the world! What a find...again signs of spring in my eternally summer tropical garden.


Here is a low bed of anthuriums found on the ground, in a semi-shaded part of my garden. This is especially for Tootsie as I'm flaunting my anthuriums today for Fertilizer Friday.
Now the yard art in the midst of the anthurium bed is not strictly categorized as a bloom, but it is blooming pretty, and it is on the ground, so I'm happy to include it for my post today.

See what else is on the ground at Blooming Friday and what else gardeners are flaunting on Fertilizer Friday and don't forget to visit Macro Friday and Yard Art onThursday too.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Shanghai Rose

This is a plant that I only know by the name Shanghai Rose. An exotic name that conjures up visions of  cabarets in the Shanghai of the 1920s? Ladies who sang in nightclubs and danced to American tunes.When jazz was hot in Shanghai. She does fit into that scene, my Shanghai Rose, doesn't she? Her look is definitely oriental, petite and rouged.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Witches Tongue

Musical Note Plant, Morning Kiss, Witches Tongue (Rotheca incisa)

Family: Verbenaceae 
Genus: Rotheca 
Species: incisa 

When I first came across this plant at a garden nursery, the nursery lady told me she only knew it by the local Malay name of Bunga Taugeh. 'Taugeh' is Malay for beansprouts and 'bunga' means flower. The flower buds did look very much like beansprouts.

They also look like musical notes, hence their other popular name.

I have no inkling as to why they are also known as Morning Kiss, though. Do you?

When in full bloom, my oh my, they are the tropic's equivalent of snowdrops!!!

Snowdrops with whiskers.

They flower repeatedly all the year round, isn't that great? If I wanted to propagate them, I could take the semi-hardwood portion of this herbaceous plant. Will try doing that when the plants are more mature.

I just love my Morning Kiss to bits, even if they are more maliciously referred to as Witches Tongue. I think I'm literally stifling them with love. They are being coddled by the coleus plants all round them.I am trying not to trim the red coleus, though, as they would certainly be bushier after a trim and further overwhelm my pretty rotheca incisa.

So, it may not be spring here in the tropics, but I have my whiskered spring flowers to give me a feeling of springtime here.

Visit Today's Flowers for more pseudo spring flowers as well as  the real deal spring flowers from all around the world.

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