Saturday, April 30, 2011

Whimsical Tree Wall Decal

Whimsical Tree wall decal
Whimsical Tree wall decal

Rose Apples in Abundance

For Fertilizer Friday I'm flaunting my rose apples. They all look just darling, but not all of them were good enough to eat. I am so frustrated that 30% of the fruits fall to the ground, and 50% of those on the trees had worms in them. What went wrong? I had wrapped most of the bunches with paper wrappers to protect them from being infested by pests. Evidently that was a futile course of action. My apologies to those whom I had meant to distribute the rose apples. Is there anyone out there who can offer me a solution to this problem?

Half-ripe on the tree and full of promises.

Precious pink offerings for Pink Saturday at Beverly's.
Three baskets filled with pink hope.

Here's a macro for Laura's Macro Friday.

Rosy, juicy and a pleasure to see...

Well, not all my great expectations were dashed. The 20% left that were salvaged, were sweet and  juicy. Those who had a taste were most satisfied.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Wall Decals Are A Great Way To

wall decals are a great way to
wall decals are a great way to

Country Kitchen Furniture

Country kitchen furniture ideas to help you create your personal traditional or cottage country home!

You’ve seen the photos...cute little country kitchen with red checked, ruffled gingham curtains at the windows, rooster collections on every windowsill, oak kitchen table and chairs with matching hutch in the corner, braided rugs on the floor...all we’re missing is the fully clothed faux goose. Oh, there he is...on the porch.

No intention to offend, but the cutesy days of country are pretty much over and done with. If you love it and that is your lifestyle, kudos to you! For most country home decorating lovers, though, interpretation of the style has moved up a few notches into the 21st century.

Traditional and Cottage Country kitchen furniture will always exhibit at least some of these timeless characteristics:

Casual...A true country kitchen will always have the ‘come on in and sit awhile’ flavor to it

Distressed...Here’s one of the great aspects of cottage and country style furniture - it loves everyone’s budget.

Painted...Your table might be light oak, chairs painted a distressed pewter with deep red seat cushions, a buffet that echoes the chairs, mirror above it in light select the color scheme

Mix and Match...Not only can colors be combined, but remember that you don’t have to use all wood pieces in the kitchen.

Variety of Shapes...Your country kitchen furniture does not have to consist of a rectangular farm table and straight back dining chairs

Want to know more? Read all the details about Country Kitchen Furniture

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Impressive Wall Decor With

Impressive Wall Decor with
Impressive Wall Decor with

Wall Decorating Ideas

Answering the question, “How do I decorate my walls” sends some people into a panic. After selecting the furnishings and accessories for a room or space, wall decorations can complete the look in a spectacular way or relegate the space to ho-hum ordinary and predictable.

No need to stress out over wall decor...just follow this process and the ideas presented’ll be fine!

There are three main considerations for determining the right wall decor for your home:

The first step is to make sure that your walls themselves are in order, meaning, do they need some color?... decorative trim such as crown molding?... practical trim such as shoe molding? ...a really good cleaning? Take a good long look and make sure your walls are ready for those decorations.

Next, have a good sense of your decorating style for this space, as that will influence your wall decorating ideas and selections.

For example, if contemporary home decor speaks to you, then you will definitely utilize the ‘less is more’ strategy for your wall decor. You might select one dramatic piece of art (doesn’t have to be an expensive original to be great) for the focal point wall in the room.

The third important consideration with wall decorating ideas is the room function itself. This may seem obvious, but sometimes we get caught up in how much we adore a particular picture, for example, and forget about the space it is going into.

If your wall decorating ideas are for the kitchen, for example, make sure they are appropriate for the space. Having said that, I am all for being creative and utilizing artwork and wall accessories in ways that are unexpected, so I am not advocating the typical picture collections of fruits or spices, for example.

Just make sure that your selection is compatible with the room function, fits the color palette for the space as well as the decorating style you have chosen.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Decorations Ideas | Interior

Decorations Ideas | Interior
Decorations Ideas | Interior

Patio Decorating

Your patio, deck, back porch or lanai can be a useful and enjoyable area of your 'extended' home. And, why not? Whether you live in a climate that allows for limited use or year round function, the patio is an area that you really don't want to go to waste, particularly if you live a climate that remains warm enough for year round use.

So how do you go about addressing the patio decorating project? There are some questions that you need to answer that will help you define and refine how to proceed.

First, what is the size of your patio? Is your area open, covered or enclosed?  what types of activities do you want to be able to do on the patio? And, what is your budget for decorating the patio?
Knowing your budget in advance is also an indication of where to shop. Higher end patio furniture store, budget minded department store or a source such as a flea market or a plan together! 

Okay, you have the planning part of the patio decorating project under your belt, so now it's time to think about the actual decor. The patio is really an extension of your home...what is your decorating style? 

For example, if your home is Casual Country, continue that theme with your patio decor. Bench seating, table/chairs, deck chairs, etc...whatever you are searching for, make sure that the style will suit the interior of your home.

Read all the details plus more great ideas for Patio Decorating!  

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Decorating With White

How do you go about decorating with white? Technically, white isn't a 'color'. It is the absence of a unique spectral reflection.
But, use it as a method of decorating and design in a room and you feel the 'presence' of the light.

Whites and off whites can be used almost exclusively in a room, and, when splashes of color are applied sparingly, the whites take on a focus and personality of their own.

Gone are the distractions of multi colors and patterns, so each muted piece, texture, shape and shade of white can be fully seen and appreciated. Should you add some color to a room that is has been decorated with white? That is up to you, but consider introducing a subtle touch of color. 

Your selected color(s) could be found in a table arrangement, a picture frame, as a pattern in an area rug, collectibles on display, flecks of color found in a carpet, artwork on the walls, a lamp base or shade, to name a few.

What colors look great with white? When decorating with white you can add just about any color and it will look good against the neutral backdrop of the room.

Mix white with lavender and gray and you’ll get instant glamor. White and black, instant drama. White and yellow, instant chic. White and blue, instant freshness.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Instant View Wall Murals

Instant View Wall Murals
Instant View Wall Murals

The Right Wall Decoration.

the right wall decoration.
the right wall decoration.

My Design Closet

If you are looking for a simple window treatment that can reflect any type of decorating style, here is one for you. 

There are three components... a roman shade (or other type of shade), side fabric panels and a decorative rod

Select the style of shade that will work in your space, type of room and your established decorating style.  Use the same selection process for the fabric panels. For example, cottage style might be a light cotton print; traditional could be a small stripe; contemporary might be a bold solid fabric. Finally, find the rod that speaks of your style and also appeals to you.

You could select a shade and fabric that are very similar, as pictured, or show a little bit more contrast with color and fabric choice.

Note: Make sure that the sizes and lengths are appropriate for your space.

The components can be purchased at a deep discount department store up to custom measured and ordered, and anything in between. That is the beauty of this simple window works for anyone's budget.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Colorful Paint

Colorful Paint
Colorful Paint

Happy Easter

Have a wonderful Easter wherever you reside, thank the Lord for loving you, and enjoy a special day with family and friends.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Interior Wall Picture

Interior Wall Picture
Interior Wall Picture

Home decorating trends

Home decorating trends : Wall Street the same treatment as the old paint to decorate without thinking about it and stuck with this idea? , Why do not survive and read this article? All the best way I can use until recently, used for printing and other design elements, including the majority of people do not think his position on the wall - maybe not well thought out. Interested? Well done! How to read and the types of decorative accents for the home is being used effectively to enhance the beauty of your home improvement is a way to support the appeal Installation and reflects her sense of style staff mold and other ideas that are out of the house open.

current trends in home decor is the best way for the reproduction of the famous artist (who is not a great cost for purchase, especially in poster art has been regularly up to the standard size paper or canvas Rather could not screen but you especially when it was not the Father as expensive as the original.) Fantasy And no, or only certain components of high quality arts such as bamboo, shells, stained glass, fake wood finish because you can invest in, marble and stone-framed mache is not about appearance at work, inside art and borders. You can also choose the background paper replica of a mountain of work that paints a portrait of a still life or well-known role or come to the nature of innovation is very interesting in his painting, a picture that is more attractive visually. professional interior designer, has also recommended that the edges of the welfare of the old manual, ribbon and scalloped on the border of self-selected along with all registered well before the drafting and assembling the framework of its partners, slender and graceful style of classical times simpler to find the mixture to use.

If you choose to frame the art of landscape, a series of art prints on the walls that are not available in many styles, some country artists, but about the size so that they reach the wall or just go to the field where you can choose a piece of minimalist monotone effects of the wall is a piece of black rural folk art. Sepia image of a landscape can also tell the story through art and posters were selected in a particular way, since the appearance of 4-8 the same size as the wall until you go to an established pattern of a square, rectangle or zig-zag. It is important to remember if your furniture to the wall with the selection as a senior and heavy furniture, cabinets, or a piece of time that more attention be eliminated, especially the posters, decorative prints on the walls as space created by this activity. Also, try to take the walls of the room, which can maintain the dignity of others. French country theme room with flowers of light, the sharp, natural fiber for furniture and lighting, landscape design as a peaceful country, which will help tie all their own decorations to reflect the seriousness of the artwork. Van Gogh, Monet, Rembrandt and Picasso art large poster, since low-cost, high fashion and interviewed each boot - living room, dining room and the wall art flowers, seasonal gardens to choose from, or in addition to posters art by great masters win for Home decorating trends.

Modern interior design trends

Modern interior design trends : Is not the interior or the appearance of "modern" easy to remove. Many people really what the modern interior, different ideas, but clean, straight lines, unique design and furniture, and geometric shapes. Furniture Design can be simple or futuristic. before deciding that you want to look modern with a number of rules held. First, the simplicity of modern design. Furniture is often little or no decoration. Open spaces are important elements. Never fill a modern interior. Each piece of furniture and accessories, has served a purpose. Geometry and the home must be in each room can be used. Geometry shape a more futuristic. The color is very important. When you think about the modern, often think in black and white, and this is exactly the color scheme to use. Beige and gray are also used, but do not forget to throw some color. If you do not want to reflect the colors are clean and simple.

Interior of your bedroom is a feeling of relaxation. Let us suppose that a platform bed that is not decorated with ornaments and header. Rectangular tables and beds should be low to the ground. There is a tendency to accent lighting silver metal, but you get much more interesting colors and designs. I am a quiet and natural colors of walls and slabs. decorative pillows, and decorative pieces for your form, the perfect color. The soil should be clean and elegant. Wood flooring has a better appearance. Remember that the goal is to create a place to relax, so that no room is filled with too many items. show also show a sense of comfort. Sofas and chairs should be smooth and soft. Bank does not support the illusion of more space, and the same goes to the bench without arms. Sectional is a great way to share your space. To prevent large materials and substances. Leather and microfiber works best. Black color of the modernists has become the perfect opportunity. On the chair, because you can choose to fine leather, or something more character over. Some look quite comfortable than the chair of the visual arts. In the kitchen, stainless steel appliances within the government to the highest design. Kitchen and dining table chairs without arms, and perfectly square or rectangular. The house, designed by a lack of rest as a luxury. Lunch is usually white and square. If there is usually no line in the model.

Home interior design trends

Home interior design trends : The process of preparing your home? Decorate your place to find all the pieces up? If so, you know the trends in interior design each room of your house want to know. Do not know where to find some resources here to help. Each has its own style of clothing or jewelry, and housing is no different. In most cases, how to dress a lot of how you would at home is not decorated. current trend is to design an elegant and modern interior and furnishings, including parts from steel and chrome, a lot of fashionable galleries. very sharp lines and simple furniture, and can not be used as part of the fat in her room decor, small accessories attached. Opportunity to visit your local art gallery, a tendency to map the parts that you can enter your best in style. If you enjoy classical music, dark wood tables and shelves in accordance with best practices is the completion of any color. enjoy the most modern furniture, lighting and chrome details on the glass table is ideal if your space.

Furniture and accessories you design a new space for homeowners to get practical information, like you, and the search interior design blog created by the owner. Links to the kitchen cabinets, beds, cassette only for the economy will definitely notice the design recommendations. Also, find links to where you need furniture, low prices. The most important is the actual person who tried to approach the design trend. such as Cosmo Worlds is also a great source of ideas when the design trends of the Interior. Business where you can get your furniture in your favorite city or country will know, your advice and are not willing to make good time. If a modern classic will be able to enjoy, or choose to enter some old pieces of contemporary design, this is without a doubt, ready to visit a place of inspiration for their furniture to buy. Personal ornaments, including fountains table fountains and wall elements, nice quiet, and served as artistic. In addition to water sources, impact on your interior design firm, to adapt to the simplicity and elegance.

Steadfast and True

What's blooming  in my garden lately? Well even though my plants are suffering in silence from neglect as I've been gallivanting about quite a bit this month, the perennials are doing alright, and one of my older orchid plants decided to bloom to get my attention. Aren't they my steadfast and truly loyal friends?

Here's that old friend I was referring to large cattleya, I'm ashamed to say I do not know what type of cattleya she is.

She may look a little unkempt, but look deeper and you see the beauty deep inside her:

Here's my waterlily...always there by my side, a cheerful presence that lifts my spirits; no wonder, she has a heart of gold:

Let's take a closer look at this flower from my climber. I do not know what it is, but it blooms all the time. She also has a heart of gold!

I should let them know I appreciate their companionship and that they light up my life! Can anyone teach me how to speak to my plants? I gather that they can hear us and respond to our tone that true?

For Fertilizer Friday, visit Tootsietime, for Macro Friday, visit Blogging from Bolivia.

Interior Paint Trends

Interior Paint Trends 2011 : Interior of the house has changed several times in recent years. You can often tell you the last update-style house that was home. Most seem to have a tendency to change over the decade. In 2010, the wall panels in the country. Place high enough to remove the panel, the smoother the atmosphere because most people paint the panels. panel painting, shows, always before the oil painting to the First. Latex paint can be applied. Wallpapers back to the year 1980. Today, the wallpaper in the house, but it is not as popular like. also updated, it is best to remove wallpaper before painting, but it is also possible to paint over the wallpaper when taking into account the necessary measures beforehand.

Imitation is the most popular late-1990s and, to some extent still is. texture paint, cloth, sponges, chamois and cement the end of Venice is the most fake paintings. When painting, faux finishing, do not much care coverage can be. Some may require a low fat, and for the most daring, and finally, polishing, in general, is required before painting.

Today, many people with solid color paint, and furniture and artwork to draw attention to their room. great pictures, large mirrors and large-format paintings are very popular. Oval or round bathroom mirror, flat mirror, a large plaza to replace them. dark colors like chocolate brown, white or white and paint all the woodwork inside the house renovation, and considered very popular. Accent walls are still popular, and a large network in question. It is amazing how many times the trend has changed and how to change the interior design. I felt great when I went into the house is not updated that year. This is not a house built in 1958 was updated recently since I went. The house was very clean and original. Some retro look and feel like a home to as retro. Everyone loves this house included. Perhaps we have made a full turn of the trend in the design of the Interior. I always like the old adage "the only constant in life is change." It is always interesting to see what venda.

Minimalist and luxury Office Design Ideas

Minimalist and luxury Office Design Ideas

Narrowness of the acreage for offices and the aerial amount of rent, fabricated some bodies accept the barn as his office. Small abode in your appointment is additionally a coercion on authoritative the blueprint design. We accommodate the best sample avant-garde minimalist appointment barn architecture account on this post. Minimalist appliance is bare to accomplish your multi-functional garage.

Best lighting for appointment autogenous decorating will accomplish the appointment a avant-garde look. You should be able to baddest a chair, table and chiffonier with minimalist architecture that can abutment your work, both the akin of abundance and design.

Minimalist and ablaze carpeting tiles will accomplish your appointment affluence looks. ablaze blush for bank painting and minimalist bank arrangement accomplish your appointment attending spacious. You can see the photos of best archetype avant-garde minimalist appointment barn architecture account below.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

What's On Your Wall?

What's On Your Wall?
What's On Your Wall?

New Youth Bedroom Fun Decorating Design

Youth Bedroom Fun Decorating Design

Youth Bedroom Fun Decorating Design

Moving parts such as the puff yin yang and a platform bed that fits the social area, resolve an enviable teen room. A room full of character. The young owner of the room, explained his tastes to the architect and jointly proposed this huge space and well-done. The bedroom has been solved in a rectangular space of about 21 m2, so that when girlfriends had received clearance to be with them comfortably.

New Youth Bedroom Fun Decorating Design
Teen Bedroom

The work area is well defined with shelves, table glass and cork boards, glass and magnet to leave messages. Also installed an enlarged photograph of the glass. The bed is on a wooden platform of 7.5 m2. We used the slope to give movement to the scene and by the way, providing opportunities for multiple uses, such as having an element that most sit next to puff ying yang, frames the social space. Complement the design, a glass shelves illuminated retro.

Modern Woods Dinning Table Furniture

Modern Woods Dinning Table Furniture

Modern Woods Dinning Table Furniture

Modern Wood Top Dining Table – Elvis by Cattelan

The top is available in wenge and walnut finish. You could find the further information about this wood top dining table on Cattelan site.