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Suitable Wallpaper for Your Dining Room

Wallpaper is very fashionable at the moment and it is especially nice in the dining room. Why? Well, wallpaper adds a warmth through its design and texture, it helps to make a room feel cozy, lived in, more luxurious and creates the perfect ambience for lingering over a meal, having an extra long chat over coffee after your meal, for creating the room that you want to spend time in.

How do you ensure that the wallpaper you choose is right for your dining room? How do you ensure it won't overwhelm the room? What do you do if you don't have a room for dining but a small area in an open place space or in the kitchen? Follow our tips for ideas on how to achieve that perfect space.

If your dining area is in a large open place space or at one end of the kitchen, then you need to create a zone for dining, rather than it looking like it is a table and chairs in the middle of a larger area. You can achieve this zone by wallpapering an area of the wall beside your dining table. You can do this in two ways - you can create a large panel by marking out an area approximately the width of the table and chairs and using architrave or wooden moldings to create a large rectangle and simply wallpaper within it. The paneling will give it a nice finish. Alternatively, use wallpaper panels. Wallpaper panels are individual strips of wallpaper that have their own individual story or design within each one - they can be used singly or in multiples and you can mix and match wallpaper panels for your own individual design.

If the dining room is small, a busy or large scale wallpaper design might be overwhelming. Wallpaper a feature wall in your chosen wallpaper and keep the other details simple and plain so they aren't all fighting for attention. Let the wallpaper be the feature and ensure your dining table accessories are in plain or co-coordinating colors. If there are alcoves within the room, you could wallpaper each of the alcoves.

Wallpapering the whole room is the piece de resistance and can look magnificent as well as ensuring it is creating that comfortable convivial atmosphere for dining. Choose a wallpaper that has a small design or is light in color. Yukari Sweeney's Manor House wallpaper is an example that is perfect for dining rooms as the design incorporates chandeliers and candelabras, yet it is understated enough not to overwhelm a room.

If you have never used wallpaper before, the dining area is a lovely zone to start in.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kiddy Easy Wall Decor

Kiddy Easy Wall Decor

Kiddy Easy Wall DecorHere at, Are you tired of looking at your dull blank wall? Is it too costly to decorate with wallpaper? Or is it too ...

Chinese Wood Tables for Your Home

When an individual has their attention turned toward Asian home decor, one item that makes a room appear more Eastern in design is the classic Chinese hardwood table. In a Japanese decorating scheme, this may not be as applicable. However, in most Asian households the hardwood table is a distinct asset to the decorator. Since the Zhou dynasty (circa 1100-256 BCE), the ancient Chinese people had been sitting in cross legged postures on either mats or low platforms on ground level. This type of culture was in existence in China centuries before the time of Christ. It continued into the 7th century of the Tang dynasty (618-907 CE). However, by this time people had started sitting in chairs with their legs down. It was by this time period that a definite lifestyle was established based on elevated furniture. Therefore, tables had to also evolve with the times. So this is where the story of the Chinese hardwood table begins.

According to the Chinese tradition, tables are generally categorized into two major groups of "zhou" (tables with corner legs), and "an" (tables with recessed legs). There are also two sub-groups of "kang" tables and "ji" tables. Zhou tables can be waisted or waistless. The legs of the waisted tables always terminate into horse-hoof feet. The legs of the waistless ones are generally of circular section, splayed slightly outwards at the sides, and end with straight feet. Those with narrow or no waists are often strengthened with humpbacked stretchers or S-curved braces. In some instances, base stretchers are added. Generally speaking, the high waist is portioned with vertical braces. The top section of the front four legs are exposed to form corner vertical braces. Panels enclosed within the braces are carved with relief or openwork designs. The high waist is not only decorative but it also has a structural component to stabilize the legs.

An tables usually have flat ends or upturned flanges. They have two types of leg designs: one with free standing legs and the other with legs joined to low stretchers or base stretchers. Quite frequently, the latter construction has inserted panels of pierced or carved relief design installed within them at the sides. The legs are joined to the top with unmitred bridle joints. Long aprons are used to join the legs in front and at the rear to strengthen the top. The legs of this kind of Chinese table always splay a little bit outwards at the sides.

Aside from the physical distinctions in form and construction, an tables and zhou tables also have differences in terms of "spirituality." Most any physical action in relation to ban would suggest emotions being on a high level. For the Chinese, gently striking the an is a gesture used to express surprise or admiration. Likewise, etymological phrases in the Chinese language of a serious nature are derived from the character of an tables such as legal cases, trial of cases, proposal for discussion, and plans. The origin of these meanings are related to the historical fact that in the past the Chinese civil authority would usually sit behind an imposing an table with everted flanges to try cases. Zhou tables have never been used in this same way as an tables. This fact illustrates the higher status placed on an tables over zhou tables. For the same reason, altar tables used in temples and ancestral halls for worship were always impressive an tables with the same type of everted flanges.

Chinese hardwood tables are regarded by their form and function. These tables can be divided into the following types: square tables (fan zhuo), long narrow tables (tiao-zhuo), broad long tables (hua-zhuo), semicircular tables, circular tables, game tables, altar tables, qin tables, narrow tables with drawers, low tables, and stands. It is true that the tables of the Ming and Qing dynasties are very broad in their variety. While some of them are for specific purposes, many of them are multifunctional and adapt well. The strength of the hardwood tables, refined joints, the technical virtue, and the input of designs from literati clients, granted the ancient cabinet makers power to produce the simple, elegant Ming-style furniture as well as the stately Qing-style furniture. What is most important though is that the cabinet makers, no matter where they came from, followed the traditional rules for construction very strictly. This fact preserves the uniformity of both the form and structure of classical Chinese furniture.

The Asian home is therefore quite enriched by the presence of a classical-styled Chinese hardwood table. Such a table brings the ancient elegance of the past into the contemporary home or office most effectively. If one is looking to create this type of spiritual aroma in their decorating scheme, this writer strongly commends an investment in a high quality Chinese wood table. A thoughtful Asian home decorator will immediately recognize the tremendous value!

How To Paint A Kitchen : Patching A Hole In Wall Trimming With Wood Putty

How to Paint a Kitchen : Patching a Hole in Wall Trimming with Wood Putty

How to Paint a Kitchen : Patching a Hole in Wall Trimming with Wood PuttyWood putty is useful in filling holes and nicks before painting. Learn how to fill a hole in wood with wood putty with tips from a painting ...

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The Fruit Of My Passion

This species of passiflora bears green fruit, but I am not sure of the identity of the plant . I have requested my fellow passiflora enthusiasts on  Passiflora-Passion Flowers Online to help me with the identification.

I don't know which I love better, the fruit or the flower! The fruit juice is ever so refreshing and zesty! The flower is ever so exotic and incredibly endearing. That is the allure of the passiflora!

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Different Look with Unique French Home Accessories

Add some color to your everyday life with stunning hand-painted French tableware. Hand made in the Provence region of France, beautiful ceramic kitchen accessories can liven up all of your meals and are ideal for anything from a quick breakfast to special dinner parties with friends.

A touch of class can be added to even a simple meal with these unique home accessories. Your morning coffee can be brightened up by the vibrant designs on the kitchen accessories such as the coffee cups and crockery, whilst your garden can achieve that Provencal look with French garden pots and planters.

A ceramic teapot makes for a great conversation starter when friends come over for a cup of tea. Even simple everyday tasks like pouring a glass of water can be made more exciting with colored water jugs. You can feel like you are on holiday in the Provence all year round.

Hand-painted ceramics are wonderful as unusual and original gifts for friends and family or even just as home accessories for you. French pottery can provide the starting point for wonderful decorating ideas and can also be used as the focal design point of a room.

The designs are unique and eye-catching and can be an inspiration for home decoration and can be used as a color chart for home decoration inspiration for the whole house! The vivid colors and attractive designs on these unique decorations can cheer up even the greyest of days.

These gorgeous designs have been meticulously hand-painted on a range of kitchenware such as tagine pots, eggcups and wine coolers. There are French ceramics for every homeware need that you may have. A wonderful feature is that most items are dishwasher and microwave friendly, a rarity in hand-painted homeware.

Each region of the Provence has their own style of decoration which makes it so much fun to travel around and compare. There are wonderful potteries in the Drome Valley with family potteries where the husband produces great handmade ceramics while his wife hand paints them. Off to the kiln and out come the most gorgeous products of French home accessories and oven to table ware.

In the South the colors become a little brighter. There is a village North of Cannes with deep reds, blues and yellow that reminds one of honey. But again, the handmade and hand painted pottery items are all wonderful decorations for any kitchen and dinner table.

Enjoy travelling and taking in the different types of French home accessory making!

Dress Form Wall Decor

Dress Form Wall Decor

Dress Form Wall DecorI bought this dress form from Pier 1 Import and here is what I did to it. I added some charms, flowers, glitter butterflies, & and circle mirrors ...

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Nursery Room Decor Ideas - Nursery Room Wall Decals!

Nursery Room Decor Ideas - Nursery Room Wall Decals!

Nursery Room Decor Ideas - Nursery Room Wall Decals! There's nothing like decorating a nursery. Such fun colors, such cute designs, but is it all safe? Hanging pictures can be ...

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Pink Bed Sheets to Reflect Feminimity

If it's loveliness that you want in your bedroom, then splurging on pink bed sheets would be the best way to do it. Pink has always been synonymous to being lovely. It reflects femininity and also exudes that lovely appeal that a lot of people surely want to find in the bedroom. It perfectly complements any pink comforter set and also enhances the beauty of a girl's room.

Pink bed sheets are commonly used in a girl's room. This is because young girls often desire to have everything around them in the shade of pink. If you have a girl at the age of nine or even eight, it is very common for them to desire to have pink walls, pink comforters and pink sheets. If they could get their hands on pink furniture, they would surely love to have one. This is also the reason why it is very common to find pink rooms in homes where there are young girls, and even young teenagers.

There are actually different hues of pink. Some pink hues are really flashy ones, just like fuchsia and magenta. Yes, these are appealing colors, but there are girls who love lighter shades of pink, just like a pale pink shade that you could normally see being associated with baby girls. These lighter shades of pink are often more preferred by young girls compared to darker ones.

These pink sheets go along well with pink comforters. Girl's comforters often come in pink and purple. Sometimes their comforters have cute floral patterns that also come in pink. Other colors, like brown and yellow, are also combined with pink, but girls' would always choose a comforter that has different hues of pink. This greatly appeals to their eyes and to their minds.

Pink bed sheets come in a wide range of materials and thread counts. Cotton is very popular with mothers who want the best for their children. Thread counts between 300-500 are often utilized. Some mothers would prefer organic cotton sheets for their children. This is not only because of environmental concerns, but also because of the fact that the cotton plant used for making these sheets was not grown using harmful chemicals.
Because of the popularity of pink bed sheets, they will continue to find their way in various homes. They will always be among the favorites of girls who like seeing their rooms look lovely from every angle.

Baby Nursery Decor, Children's Wall Art

Baby Nursery Decor, Children's Wall Art

Baby Nursery Decor, Children's Wall ArtEnjoy baby nurseries decorated by the renowned interior designer and artist, Sherri Blum. Also take a peek at her children's wall art and nursery ...

Today Is A New Day!

What does that mean?? Well, today can be the first day that you declare your financial independence.

I know, this is not about home decorating ideas. But it's all about you, and your opportunity to change the direction of your life in terms of your financial future.

Do you enjoy this blog and my website, Great Home Decorating? It's the result of two years of hard work that is now generating a comfortable monthly income for me. Not only am I creating content in an industry that I love, I'm also earning an income.

You can, too. And right now, until July 4th 2011, you can get an even better deal with SBI.

So, today is a new day! Will you embrace the opportunity?

First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

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FEEL NATURE WITH METAL LEAF WALL - It's good to feel nature inside your very home. This site offers metal leaf wall decor that's delicately made to resemble ...

The Sunshine Tree

Erythrina glauca

This beautiful plant has a host of common names like Coral Tree, Swamp Immortelle, Purple Coral Tree, Dadap, Chekring and my favourite, Sunshine Tree.
It is actually quite a small tree, growing up to 8 metres tall. It is popular as a shade tree due to its spreading branches, and its crown begins low on the tree. That makes it suitable to be planted in an average-sized garden. The flowers on the low branches are easily viewed as they are usually at one's eye level
What I like most about this ornamental tropical tree is the colour of the flowers. The flowers are dark crimson, a popular lipstick colour. The shape is also rather unique. The flowers look like claws and they grow in long clusters. 
I've seen these trees planted in the landscaping of sea-side resorts and in parks. The SunshineTrees would certainly add a little resort glamour to your garden! 
These photographs were taken in a park.

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Cricut Cartridge Haul 2- Featuring Cindy Loo And Wall Decor And More

Cricut Cartridge Haul 2- Featuring Cindy Loo and Wall Decor and More

Cricut Cartridge Haul 2- Featuring Cindy Loo and Wall Decor and MoreI've ordered a few Cricut Carts in the last week, and also ordered the brand new Cindy Loo and Wall Decor and More. CricutMachine.Com and ...

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Music Themed Wall Decor Using Paper Arts

Music Themed Wall Decor using Paper Arts

Music Themed Wall Decor using Paper ArtsAs I was going through some of my patterned papers, I found a couple that I really wanted to use in something. So, I thought of these wall ...

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Funtastic Kids Bedroom Design of 2010

Funtastic Kids Bedroom Design
Design Cool Kids Bedroom spiderman ideas
Funtastic Kids Bedroom Design
Design Cool Kids Bedroom spongbob ideas
Funtastic Kids Bedroom Design
Beautiful Design Cool Kids Bedroom Decorate
Funtastic Kids Bedroom Design
Modern Design Cool Kids Bedroom Decorate
Funtastic Kids Bedroom Design
Nice and Cool Kids Bedroom Design
Funtastic Kids Bedroom Design
Design Cool Kids Two Bedroom Decorate
Funtastic Kids Bedroom Design
Design Cool Kids Bedroom Batman Ideas

Furniture for Small Spaces

Furniture for small spaces can be a challenge, whether it is a home, apartment, condo or any small space. It's easy to look into a small room, space or home and think you'll never be able to live comfortably, particularly if downsizing from a larger home.

No worries! Learn how to plan effectively, choose wisely and place pieces for maximum use, style and enjoyment.

First, plan effectively. Simply stated, you need to think about how each room or space in your home will be used, in order to place the furniture for your small space most effectively,

Write down the function of each room, and note if this space will be multi-purpose. For example, you may plan to use the dining area for eating and also allocate some space for a home office. Or, you may decide to use a room as a den/guest bedroom/home office.

Your second goal is to choose wisely with furniture and accessories. There are two major considerations. One is size and the other is function.

Let's say that you are going to select furniture for the living area. The list you created states that this room will be used for reading and relaxing, watching television and some entertaining.

You've answered the 'function' part of the equation. Now, how about size?
When we consider the size of the pieces that will be placed in this room, we'll also think about the third step, which is effective placement of those pieces.

Read more details about the plan and selection process for furniture for small spaces.  


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Crafty Secrets Little Blessings Wall Decor

Crafty Secrets Little Blessings Wall Decor

Crafty Secrets Little Blessings Wall DecorImages are from Heart Warming Creative Scraps from Crafty Secrets. Chenille fabric is from Jo-Ann fabric and craft stores.

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Top of 2009 Minimalist interior Design

Top of 2009  Minimalist interior Design

Top of 2009  Minimalist interior Design

2009 Interior Design Minimalist Concept

Home Decorating Basics : How To Hang Plates As Wall Decoration

Home Decorating Basics : How to Hang Plates as Wall Decoration

Home Decorating Basics : How to Hang Plates as Wall DecorationHang plates as wall decoration by purchasing stretch bands to grasp the plate, or by using contemporary black iron holders to add color and shape ...

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Beautiful and Style Residential Bedroom Design

Beautiful and Style Residential Bedroom Design

Beautiful and Style Residential Bedroom Design

Beautiful and Style Residential Bedroom Design

Beautiful and Style Residential Bedroom Design

Beautiful and Style Residential Bedroom Design

Beautiful and Style Residential Bedroom Design

Residential Bedroom Design

As one of important allotment for autogenous home i would like to affectation avant-garde bedchamber for the new year which will aggressive you to acquisition a best avant-garde bedchamber for your candied home.I consistently attending advanced to the end of the year back we accept time to booty banal of my priorities, goals and resolutions for the advancing year. And allotment of actuality anxious as we blanket up 2009 is axis some absorption to the bedchamber to get it advantageous so that it can abutment me activity forward.

For me 2009 was bedeviled by a active agenda and peaks of aerial accent with little allowance larboard for peaceful blow or anxious moments. This year, we’ve already absorb some time decluttering the nightstands, allowance out annihilation beneath the bed and afterlight my bedding and linens. We’re attractive advanced to accepting time to absolutely appear to added of the capacity in the advancing year back we apperceive that a advantageous bedchamber agency a convalescent me.

Beautiful and Style Residential Bedroom Design

Beautiful and Style Residential Bedroom Design

Beautiful and Style Residential Bedroom Design

Beautiful and Style Residential Bedroom Design
Beautiful and Style

The Drunken Sailor

I had always known this plant by the common name of Drunken Sailor. I had also often wondered why anyone would refer to this sweet, delicate, most lady-like flower as a drunken sailor. Her perfume is as sweet and heady as her looks. I would think a sailor when drunk would reek of anything but perfume.

It is also known as the Rangoon Creeper. Now this is also unacceptable to me. I get a  picture in my mind of a bar-creeper in Rangoon, also drunk and probably a sailor, being referred to as the Rangoon Creeper. I would expect the Rangoon Creeper to be aka...the axe-murderer. For your information, another name for this creeper happens to be Scarlet Rangoon. Scarlet as in blood red?

Fortunately, there is another common name which I feel suits this gorgeous beauty well. She is also known as the Chinese Honeysuckle. She is truly spectacular, appearing in tri-coloured clusters. Just like the Confederate Rose,the flowers open white, then turn pink and finally transform into scarlet beauties before they wither. This colour change happens over a two to three day period. However, on any one vine, we get to enjoy all three colours as the flowers bloom profusely and constantly throughout the summer season, which means, in the tropics they sport showy vines throughout the year!

Here we have it...the fabulous Quisqualis indica. Interestingly, Quisqualis is Latin for What is that? Apparently, there was some confusion as to whether the plant was a bush or a creeper, so a taxonomist must have named it Quisqualis out of exasperation.


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