Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stila Custom Color Blush in Self-Adjusting Coral

Hey all, 

I have never been too sure about colour adjusting products. How do they do it? Do they even change that much between each person? I have always had my little suspicious. It's funny how we are always slightly suspicious of what we don't understand! Anyway, I'm not sure whether or not this Stila blush adjusts to my skin tone; but I do love the shade! 

A gorgeous peach toned coral with slight shimmer. 

What I Love 
- Gorgeous colour, works wonders at brightening up my face. 
- Smooth, creamy and highly pigmented. 
- Easy to blend. 
- I love how light it feels on my skin! 
- Not too shimmery, and the shimmer fades alongside the colour (so you aren't left looking like a disco ball). 
- I adore all Stila packaging. 

Where to Buy: Mecca Cosmetica, Mecca Maxima. 

Price: $32.00


Without Flash 

With Flash 

Another very pretty coral blush! It's my new staple to compliment day-time looks and I think that it would suit all skin tones. I definitely want to try the Self-Adjusting Pink and Bronze - has anyone tried them? 

Also, what are your thoughts on "self-adjusting" products? Does anyone know the science behind it? 

Hope you all have a great night! xx

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